Tusaidiane hapa

Software ya LG smart tv imeitisha updates but haipick
Nimejaribu hii


Na hizi



Those with these smart tings, how do you guys work around it

forrowing hata yangu nimerudi na inaanza upuss mob and funny enough its identical to the one on he first youtube channel and nacheki comments and it has an issue mse hapo amedaiā€¦i pick a function and something else happens and its like hangs for a min or so then brings something i din pick[ATTACH=full]141975[/ATTACH] okay so we watching hbo

Connect Kwa WiFi or ethernet cable . Fast internet (very important)

Internet fiti check.Iliuliza update ya software after which haikuweza connect

Restore to factory default

Nunueni Chromecast muattach kwa hizo tv. LG and Samsung smart TV is a waste of resources. Android TV has tones of hacks and trick to keep your living eoom new every day.

I update using Wi-Fi and its always smooth.

Tried this, dint work

Screen shots tafadhali

Suffer in silence