Turning to weed

…On K24, A section of kisumu residents turn to marijuana to treat various diseases e.g Chickenpox, Measles…But i support that its a bronchodilator and anti cancer properties. They boil and give children 15 ml three times a day for 3 days

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Bangi iwe huru


Alienda wapi?

lol,it’s called faith…if you believe marijuana heals then bang it does!
personally i don’t believe that.

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Actually ni dawa ya kuku. Works very well.

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Explain, ukiweza weka findeo

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kwani hii matawai inakazi nyingi aje?

Kila kitu huwa dawa ya kuku, hata pili pili. My father in law is the foremost expert on this


Sasa kuku akipewa banghi, si atataga mayai tatu kila siku?


Am I the only one who is concerned that those people still suffer from Chickenpox and Measle niggas still living in the 17 th century

ummmmmmm yes!

Check this out

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… They boil and give children 15 ml three times a day for 3 days…explains the stone throwing addiction by some tribe(s)


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You should start believing

It’s th healin of th nation

Dr naona unatumia the holy herb

Ni dawa. I wish it could be legalized for medicinal purposes

The medicinal benefits are well known. The problem and chellenge is legislation to control abuse. Pharmaceutical companies know how it will mess their bottom line once it gets mainstream.

Placebo effect.