Turn your lights down low - twist of marley

Enjoy listening.



turn your lights down low ya bob ndio mambo mbaaaaaaya

I guess this being a jazz version of it is the part that make it interesting for me…

sure…a classic oldie

Marley composed and sang that song for his clande, Cindy Breakspeare, Junior Gong’s mom.

Who turned out to be arguably the most talented of all Bobs kids.

However, I think Jamaica yote ilikuwa clande ya Bob. Watoi ni wengi!

He had so many illegitimate children If he had lived seven more years angepata HIV lakini bado hafikii Fela Kuti.

Fela was in a class of his own. 27 wives excluding clandes.

And he married all the 27 in one grand wedding and lived together with them in his home.

Hehehe. His state actually. It caused beef with the then president together with his music, which happens to be timeless and beautiful!



@Supu don

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The Kalakuta Republic.

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