Turn out 43%

7.4 million!

The resistance rebels are watching the results, nobody is talking about the servers this time around!

ungegonja tucomment kwanza. Ama ni soliloquy?

ama monologue…bt for a veteran like @Soprano its allowed


Total hogwash. But to each his own, luckily unga ikipanda bei haitatambua uthamakistan ama Mbondo…

Village millionaires hapana tambua shida ndogo ndogo kama bei ya unga. Rudi ocha maisha ya Nairobi ikikushinda :slight_smile:

I heard 7.5 m minus those where the gadgets failed to identify the voter.


Its a kikuyu taboo for a man to always think and talk about food. Wanaume ni tufuloti!

43% translates to about 8.1m of the registered voters, therefore this means that uhuruto’s tally might hit 8m. cordtv have their tally at almost 7.6m with 91 stations to go…

Cord TV pia wamesema RWNEEEBP? Maajabu.

No business would risk being on the wrong side of the government for another long 5 years. At times like this reality takes over, there’s no way babuon will be in charge of government, business sense thus kicks in. I have noticed Nation drop his name from the headlines this past week.

I was a PO and no Kiems kit failed to identify registered voters. It was either done biometically or alphanumerically in the kiems kit. Now you know

Lazima kitunguu inuke kwa SK, ama namna gani?

Were you omnipresent in all the polling stations? Acha kutumia akili kama kofia my fren

Alphanumeric identification means they key in your unique identifier like ID number in the kit ama? Tufunze sisi ma novice

sure,after the kiems kit fails to identify your finger prints in three trials,it opens to a stage,alpha numeric, where the clerk keys in your family name or ID No to identify the voter.

@spear Hehehe be kind kidogo. You mean you have already chosen a logo for NRM? A Kalashnikov:D

“Instead of rising to the level of Mandela in his sunset years, he has descended into the levels of Joseph Kony of the LRA”. H.E. William Ruto.