Are there Subarus that have turbo which you can switch on and off? I remember driving this Vauxhall which had turbo that you could switch on and off. This was quite good coz u could engage it in highways and zoom past hapless drivers and switch it off in town traffic.[ATTACH=full]305222[/ATTACH]

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focus kijana

Bro, Turbos dont operate all the time. Under light or moderate driving, the turbo doesnt engage. Thats why kuna kitu inaitwa Turbo Lag… when you suddenly give the car heavy load, the turbo needs to spool up

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You can always drive a turbo car bila kuispool. Low rpms

NO is the answer. They don’t think that much at Fuji Heavy.

I think that you meant to say waste gate or blow off valve in place of turbo lag. Context was zero boost when not needed.