Tunaenda kortini, sio?

If it’s true, this will be veeery interesting!

Bring it on, gentlemen!


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Supreme Court judges salivating…awaiting the big brown envelope…or is it gunia kama za kabura au bag kama ile ya kidero


this is a waste of time and money.nway non of my biz.

venye jamaa wa toyota wingroad amesema hapa juu


:D:D:Dniwache kabisaaaaaaaaa


Itikia yaishe mYamaa:D:D:D


waste of cash any lawyer can tell you that:D:D:Dthese niggas wanataka kukulia mzee

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:D:D:Dhii story tulimalizia huko

They should have done that since day 1. And stop all the chaos that happened .He needs to fire his advisors


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Which advisors?

Mzee alijifichia pesa mingi sana za campaign. Lazima zitoke


What if NASA win the petition?
Are we going to another ereckshen or will RAO be declared winner?

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That is vvv HARD. Ngatia and Co. prolly have enough ammo (read) roadblocks plus trigger happy operatives to kill the case at its infancy stage


Answer is, we hold an other presidential election in 30 days!

There were no other options,babuon is out of luck and our slogan is still RWNBP


The Supreme Court has no power to declare anyone winner. They made that ruling in Presidential petition of 2013. They can only rule if the contest was fair or not or if the IEBC did any mistakes as per the Electoral law. They actually ruled that only IEBC can constitutional declare a winner.

If they find against IEBC they can order a rerun or fresh elections.

That said its a whole new ball game between stating imaginary tales, conspiracies in a press conference and proving evidence in Supreme Court. Those fake documents, people and theories have to be proved and cross examined.


Orengo the bungling genius has changed his mind?

Tutacheka sana when Ngatia puts defense exhibit I and II on the table, consisting of ‘IEBC server logs’ illegitimately obtained from a NASA mole, and then the NASA tally giving JaKuon victory, also admittedly obtained by ‘hacking’ the IEBC servers.

Having called press conferences to announce and distribute their ‘evidence’, they cannot deny those documents now. :smiley:

Meanwhile, the IEBC shiuld by now have pinpointed any clumsy hackers in their HQs. Afinywe nyee aimbe kama chiriku.

This man Ngatia is a stickler for detail and ile kujikaanga NASA wamejikaanga na press statements na ICT Guru bonoko, he will have a field day time ya submission.

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One thing I can tell you with 100% certainty is that JAKUON is not going to court period!you can conjecture the reason.