Tulitoa mgonjwa tukaleta maiti


Soemone confirm coz this is like dowry where you exchange a cow with another cow

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Ukweli ni tofauti kidogo


Sirkal ilifanya vijana waache kubet ndio hao wabet na sensitive dockets ?

I kiff up

So it’s not entirely possible that warring countries may not place great emphasis in controlling native locust? Which in turn would lead to unfetered growth of swarms that could invade countries/regions that they normally wouldn’t.

Peter Munya is right and I dont see anything to laugh here unless you are baboon
The breeding grounds of the locusts were in Yemen and Somalia but the war going down there hinders pest control measures needed to prevent unchecked breeding

You have a point.

Maybe. But even with the most targeted control measures, locust invasions are difficult to combat. A typical swarm contains more than 150 million locusts per square kilometer. Moreover, they are part of an ecosystem so it’s not prudent to pre-emptively reduce a ‘native’ population without understanding the domino effect. Therefore, what Munya is saying sounds ridiculous. The unprecendented breeding started in Iran and Saudi Arabia which are countries not at war. They did nothing to contain the locusts because even aerial spraying isn’t as effective.

D materials ziko kila mahali:D:D:D:D

Hizi vitu watafute neti izitege. We should export this food to China. Kwanza huko ni chakula ya elite huko.

I don’t know the explanation given, but it is plausible.
If Yemen and Somalia were stable, the locust could have been sprayed and dealt with months ago, hence not reaching Kenya.
Same thing our neighbors expect us to deal with them so they don’t reach their countries.

Don’t expect the locust menace to go away.
They have been there since the beginning of time.

Passing the buck.That’s what our leaders excel at.