tulikuwa job fulani na Mo-Muhoho na nikama alidunga mtu kisu

[SIZE=7]Fresh details emerge in Jowie murder case
~John Muhoho is the son of former KAA chairman George Muhoho. There have been photos of John Muhoho and Jowie on social media including Jowie’s Instagram page.[/SIZE]

Mbona huyu muhoho hakuwekwa ndani for further investigation??

Has the Star Branch of CID established without doubt that the said Mo-Mohoho was at the scene of crime when the alleged crime was being committed?

Some things are better left unsaid, and people move on with their lives. Hakuna faida kujua mengi na ukufe mapema.


I think the story is simple. that lady came in with large haul of dollars. And she spoke to her elite “Interpol boyfriend” about it and the logistics of transporting it from JKIA to her home. through the bogus interpol guy the co-accused got the wind of it and the expected “dubai shopping”. In between the two accused evil thoughts were established and jowie went through with it with the support of the co-accused who would have been glad to get rid of the side kick. thats why he picked her and helped himself with the cargo instead of helping her. in the aftermath tensions rose as the co-accused was now not so much supportive in the coverup. the second co-accused wanted the accomplice out of her house to save her ass and lose the now liability of a boyfriend.
muhoho is just being mentioned to complicate the case and scare everyone by pulling presidents family into the mess. its just a desperate move.

Muhoho earlier bragged that if you don’t have the " name " you are nobody

what does the guy do. or is it just tenders?

His family name ensures he has plenty to do peddling influence and other hotel stuff. He is also a pilot

Hii muhoho is he related to gatheca?

The Star is reporting investigative and court proceedings. Kwani Mo Muhoho is a holy cow?

I think it was a spur of the moment thing to explain to kasaine why he needed to burn “bloody” clothes in the middle of the night. I mean, he had to say something about the source of the blood and it wasn’t going to be “I was slaughtering a rabbit and it splashed me with blood…”


Shenzi, sema he ia a pilot sio iyo vitina ingine ya mama wa mboga

Peddling influence is also a job, payments in cash dollars, if you want to meet gatheca its easier through him chief, he only flies for luxury, sio kubeba peasants