In a dramatic twist to the tale of power in Kenya, Senator kipchumba finally saw the light, faced riat hills and said baba you are our God seven times while chanting NRM NRM!

29 tabs? :smiley: Gambler/Porn addict detected

CSI in the hse

JP is the only one trying to unite the country, when with other divide they try and respect their stand… But the other ones… You know who am talking about.


When confronted by rabid dogs, it’s wise not to antagonize them.

Heri wanker kuliko rapist wa mbuzi na mashosho kama wewe

Wearing an NRM hat doesn’t mean you are resisting, the same way calling babuon president doesn’t make him one. Tafadhali resist ujinga #RWNEBPORK

In this case you’re the rabid dog

Uncle nyam chief leutenant wa NRM ktalk chapter ana pewa i strict instructions kudeal na deplorable mungich/Cambridge analyctica wa hi kijiji…[ATTACH=full]141448[/ATTACH]
Msito @uncle nyam game iendele, carry on

:D:D:D:D i didn’t even bother opening it because it’s not worth time. the length’s these guys will go to to get relevance


If you cannot go past 10 tabs uko na ram kidogo

Mbona kaka braza siku hizi kunionea hivi?