Tuko News editor arrested over the Wajir Women REP sex tape

UPDATE: A Tuko News Video editor has been arrested over the Wajir Women rape sex tape that has been trending on social media for the past three weeks. He is expected to be arraigned in court today.

What will he be charged with

who is the complainant?


does he have a license to publish pornographic/unclassified content? they will get something in the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222.


Is it true that she was the one

And that’s why admean dont want porn here

But it wasn’t a film or stage play. So Cap 222 may not apply. But she can give it;)


Hehehe. Will see where this ends

Wacha tungoje charge sheet kama ile ya Kiborek.

i don’t know.

You can charge all you want. Dawa ya kutoleak sex tape ni kutotengeneza sex tape.

I wonder what’s so hard for people to understand something as simple as this.

The hard part for me to understand is this : at what point during coitus does on decide, ‘Oh shit, I need to record this!’ and take their phone out, open the camera, point it at tgeir genitals and press record. It’s no longer sex at this point, is it.

People video themselves for performance review…some sort of feedback

are you for real?

Then what you quoted as cap bla bla is out of something you don’t know .:rolleyes:

if only I could give you two likes. you cannot rationalize the actions of idiots with smartphones.