Tukiwa Klist, Oldest Villager Couch P Alisema We Avoid Mixed Tribe Marriages

Leo naona kwa star a guy killed his wife monday usiku by strangling her in buru, the thing that made me remember the listing by couch is this is also a mixed tribe marriage.
Nilimpuuza then lakini hapa labda kulikuwa na maarifa kwenye mawaidha.


siwezi kuoa mkamba

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mambo shocks

Niaje Lola, how comes huku wewe ni mpole like this, klist ulikuwa unatuchocha sana.

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Second you @ shocks

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Wale wanakatwa bolingo Nyeri walikuwa kwa mixed marriages?


wat i knw wid kao ladies they ar unsatiable lugula wise…so u must b ready to up ur game kama iko down

It is not kao women. All women can not be satisfied. It is only kaos who get caught wakipanua miguu. Others hide the act like cat fuck. Case in point =all the threads being dropped here of girls hooking up with their EX for a fuck or several…


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Kwa nini?:confused:

Upuzi. Kwanza inafaa uoe nje. Kama wewe ni mkikuyu oa ukambani/meru/Jaluo. kama wewe ni mjaluo oa kwa luhya/meru/coast. Lakini hapana oa Nyeri/kiambu and related places.

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sisi wakikuyu hatuna shida na wasichana wetu,they are most beautifuk in the country.@purr_27 ,ebu weka picha

sisi wakikuyu hatuna shida na wasichana wetu,they are most beautifuk in the country.@purr_27 ,ebu weka picha

Sijasema wakikuyu wako na shida na wasichana wao. Si ata wanaume wa Nyeri bado wanaoa wasichana wao. Some have pretty faces, but they arent prettier than some of these mount elgon tribes according to me(I like smooth blue-black if I can get one). Again, looks are more than pretty faces. Am a bantu by the way so this isnt tribal politics stuff or anything of the sort.

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me huwa mpole in real life

A fake Lola wouldn’t be like the real one, now would she?

whatever… u shud know I have no time for drama, I’m quite busy for that

This has been proved over and over again not to be a place for busy people.