Trust, Ethics and Politics

I do business and always looks at my business interests first. When I get a quote, I don’t care where it comes from. Im interested in a trustworthy business partner that has both our interests at heart. It happens that I have had business partners from across the country with mixed results. You can’t pin it down that failure comes coz someone comes from tribe x. Actually, people in diaspora will tell you they have been victims of their own families.

Can we have a honest country? Can we ever have honesty while dealing with each other? Our politics is turning out to be who can lie most smoothly. How do we benefit from these lies?

Lala ni usiku

I agree…indians can at times be difficult to deal with :smiley:

Shida ni ati sisi wengine have worked so hard to get where we are. Many are lied to enter into those pyramid schemes, sports bila pesa, etc. Whats so hard with working ones way up?

Ata Chiloba alisema the reason why Germany did a manual election and concluded it very fast including the announcements while Kenyans are busy agitating for increased technology is because we are unable to develop a culture of trust in others and in institutions.

Who benefits from the lies? We all lose because in the long term trust is the only true currency that can foster development.
What is the solution? Stick to team RWNEEBP because you are better off putting your trust in Uhuruto and their promises than in the monkey trader and his lies/lack of agenda.

Laziness my friend, many people cannot join the Usiku Sana Sacco to work their way up because sleep is more valuable to them than the sacrifice of hard work, but when you all wake up at 7:30am, they want success equal to yours. So, they attempt to pursue the short cuts.

True bro. If I can’t trust, no business. I will now start looking closely at those die hard pro Baba supporters. When someone believes that Safaricom is a political outfit, he doesn’t deserve my business.

I second

I try to stay as neutral as possible with people who always have a political twist to everything. and keep other guessing what tribe i could be by not confirming or denying anything. Biashara kwanza,siasa baadae. Political arguments dont pay rent,its the sucessful business deals however big or small that do, And the customers who order frequently enough to keep me employed and both our businesses growing

mistrust, lies and corruption are our national pillars. so usual that no one bothered documenting them in our constitution.

Its all in our culture of glorifying crooks. This is the norm. The day this will end, an honest society will arise.

Haiya, let them come for you and tell them that Sport pesa doesn’t pay.