Trumps "America First" impact on the US transatlantic relationship with her European allies

Interesting short documentary on how Trumps policies have affected its relation with Europe

With all the passion which Western Europe deprecates Russia, why can’t they dedicate the same energy towards countering Chinese communism? It boggles my mind how they allow China to amok without consequences but Russia is still the bogeyman.

Russia is an immediate threat since Europe borders them and given Russia’s history, the Europeans are wise to be worried.

Countries like Poland are terrified of Russia and for them, it was a matter of life or death to be in Nato and it was a major foreign policy goal after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Its not surprising since in the past 400yrs, Poland has been partitioned something like 3 times and after WW2, Russia kept a large slice of it (Eastern Poland) and gave them German lands (Eastern Germany) as compensation. In effect, the country was shifted west losing some important cultural cities and other areas.

China is an economic competitor at the moment to Europe and the west and the Europeans are trying to reduce their dependence on them as can be seen by countries like Britain refusing to let Huawei install their 5G network and USA and especially Japan funding their businesses to move production elsewhere in Asia.