Trump Vs Biden Loading

Biden landslide in november.


Early Days in this Contest …
Lets see how the two old Men are doing around August 2024 … :blush:

Naona Guka Trump has taken it pale New Hampshire Wadau.
Imagine defeating Niki Haley in her own state…

Hii kitu Trump ameshukua


Wewe wank na momo, this is denial stage


Team Trump, ask any of your relatives or pals huko who have Citizenship, who they want to win. Lower taxes, less conflicts with the rest of the world, MAGA


Bravado huishanga. Mtu anapiga kelele sijui ya indictments siuji ya insurrection kumbe mambo inaendelea na hajui.

This is the famous kujua hujui. :green_emoji:

Nikki is from South Carolina and I believe she will struggle there…very Trumplike racist state.

Be carefull about HOW you interpret the results of these luckluster GOP Primaries …
Consider the following -

The population of the New Hampshire was 1,402,054 as of July 1, 2023, according to U.S. Census.

Out of around 1,000,925 registered voters , 30.28% are Democrats and 29.82% are Republicans , according to the Independent Voter Project.
About 399,395 voters (39.90%) are unaffiliated with either political party.
Therse are the so-called “swing voters”.

This was the GOP Primary and NOT the General Election expected in November 2024.
Out of approximately 320,000 registered GOP Voters and a few “Undecideds” , only 1/3 turned up to Vote.
Donald Trump - 35,065 or 54.4 Percent.
Nikki Haley - 29,130 or 44.0 Percent

The Official Tally :

Now , draw YOUR own conclusions …
No wonder Nikki Haley and President Joseph Biden are still smiling … :blush:


The main takeaway from these results which should worry Trump and GOP:

Those who chose Haley will never vote for Trump in the November elections!

Even though he pulled out a victory over Haley on Tuesday night, there are some general election warning signs in the result for Trump.

First and foremost: his performance with self-identified “moderates,” who tend to be the swing voters in critical swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and, yes, even New Hampshire come November.

NBC News exit polling found that while Trump won self-identified Republicans by 49 points, he lost independents by 24 points — and the makeup of the primary was fairly evenly split between the two groups. Self-identified moderates, 29% of the electorate, backed Haley by a whopping 51 points over Trump, while he won conservatives by 42 points.

Meanwhile, just 13% of Haley voters said they would be “satisfied” with Trump’s winning the GOP nomination, while 86% of her voters said he wouldn’t be fit to serve as president should he be convicted of a crime.

Not all of Haley’s supporters now were Trump supporters in 2020. And Greg Moore, the regional director for Americans for Prosperity Action, a conservative group that endorsed Haley, told reporters Friday that he thinks the “raw reality” of a two-candidate matchup will see many unhappy Republicans come home to Trump.

But NBC News spoke with several voters at Haley events who said they couldn’t get themselves to vote for Trump in the fall should he win the nomination — including some who previously voted for him.

Sir …
Hapo umedunga all the important points …

If I was Trump , I would not be celebrating , especially with Tim (Uncle Tom ) Scott and Vivek ( the Fake) Ramaswamy …

As far as the Running Mate issue is concerned , none of the above are getting the post …
( …Trump would have said so already … He will use those two fools until they are of no further use to him - that’s how he operates …)

Tim Scott is a black Uncle Tom and Vivek ( the Fake ) Ramaswami is a brown Indian Hindu unacceptable to the Racist Trump MAGA Base …

The Trump VP pick is going to be a White woman who Trump trusts and can control …

Guess Who … ??? :blush:

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People are speculating mzee Biden might dropout awachie someone else.

Always check the sources first. :smiley:

Hehehehe …
From the same people who are spreading in infamous AI generated Biden Phone call Video … :rofl: :joy:


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Hehehehe …
This stuff is really realistic …
And great Fun … :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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After Orangeman’s NH win, Biden gets the opponent he wants

The president’s campaign gears up for a rematch with a man facing several questions…

1.) The general mayhem of Trump One (and especially the way it blew up on January 6, 2021).

2.) The ninety-one civil and criminal charges against him in courtrooms, from New York to Florida and Washington to Georgia.

3.) The questions raised about his age (and recently his mental competency).

If Trump were to win the White House and with sufficiently long coattails, Republicans could take control of the Senate while also increasing the party’s margin in the House, thereby creating a unitary government and making his second term ripe for the country’s first imperial presidency.

Immigration: This will be implemented by finishing his border wall, deporting at-risk immigrants, and ending automatic citizenship for people born here. Were this to happen, we can expect a contraction of the labor pool. Some jobs will be harder to fill, so wages will have to rise to attract domestic laborers. The effect of this will be a return of inflation. Business sales will fall, provoking a recession that the Federal Reserve, remarkably, has succeeded in avoiding.

Tax cuts will be extended or made permanent: This will increase business profits but won’t offset the recessionary pressures from labor shortages. It may make some executives happy, but it also will result in bigger deficits. Unfunded deficits will lead to higher borrowing costs and reductions in service.

Tariffs on foreign goods: The effect of this could well be a trade war in which U.S. goods also become more expensive, further undermining the FED’s stunning “soft landing” strategy. The Economist’s most recent cover warns boldly: “HE’S WINNING: BUSINESS BEWARE” (January 20-26, 2024).

Environmental deregulation: When he speaks about “ending the war on fossil fuels,” Trump is really talking about weakening environmental regulations with all that this implies, such as abandoning the fight against climate change. The effects of that are increasingly obvious and dangerous.

Leaving NATO: It is getting difficult to keep track of the hot spots that threaten the NATO alliance: Ukraine, Israel, Iran, Yemen, China, and North Korea to name some of the biggest worries. Walking away from NATO means making the world less safe for just about every country, including the United States.

The “Deep State”: Doing away with tens of thousands of top-echelon civil service positions is a game changer. To disestablish the federal bureaucracy — making way for Trump loyalists who may not have the skills or experience to run the federal programs — will bring parts of the government to a virtual halt. Think of the implications for Social Security, Medicare, and scores of other programs.

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biden is trashbin homo, trump ni meffi…lets wait and see

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It is a speculation

Biden losing support among Black and Hispanic voters, poll finds

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