Trump’s ‘Christian Visibility Day’

At a Tuesday night rally in Wisconsin, Donald Trump said he wants Election Day this year to be called “Christian visibility day.” His remark was intended to counter Biden’s recognition of the annual Transgender Day of Visibility – which happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year.

Trump said, “Such total disrespect to Christians, and Nov. 5th is going to be called something else. You know what it’s going to be called? Christian visibility day, when Christians turn out in numbers that nobody has ever seen before.” Here’s that video.

You can say what you want about Trump’s intelligence, but he is absolutely smart enough to know that a large part of his base is not only Christian, but they view him as a defender of the faith, even chosen by God. Many of them even consider him to be Christian.

That despite the fact that Trump’s own Christian beliefs are not in alignment with the Bible at all. Rather, Trump’s faith was formed by Norman Vincent Peale, whose teachings soon evolved into the prosperity gospel.

But on top of that pseudo-Christian faith, Trump adds in his own version of The Secret – where he uses repeated falsehoods in an attempt to manifest his own reality. His is a mystical, new-age type of Christianity, centered on the things of this world.

Trump even denies a basic tenet of Christianity: he doesn’t seek God’s forgiveness. This makes all of what he believes – the prosperity gospel, the new-age idea that he can manifest his own reality, and his refusal to seek God’s forgiveness, VERY far removed from what Christianity actually is.

But none of that matters to his Christian supporters. They simply can’t see through his pandering because they want to believe he’s been sent by God to restore America to greatness. And this speaks volumes to what Trump has done over the past few years.

He has poisoned the faith by mixing in the prosperity of a nation, and his own political success, with the Word of God. Even to the point where he portrays himself as chosen by God for this very purpose, and a growing number of his supporters agree.

He sells Bibles mixed in with nationalistic documents, and his supporters barely blink an eye at how wrong this is. He talks about himself as savior of America, and shares articles with titles like “The Crucifixion of Donald Trump,” and it just doesn’t matter.

To many Christians caught up in this Trump delusion, it’s no longer about the Kingdom of God. Instead, it’s all about making America great. It’s about getting worldly power. It’s about prosperity. And it’s about seeking retribution.

But while his supporters may think he’s defending Christianity, that’s not what matters to Trump. It’s all about being praised – even worshiped. And he simply doesn’t care where that worship comes from, as long as HE is the one being worshiped.

Right now Trump has many Christians convinced that he is a staunch defender of Christianity, but that’s not where this is all heading. Because the truth is that you can sum up everything that Trump says and does in four words: Trump is Trump first.

Christians may not see it right now, but Donald Trump will never be satisfied until his own name is magnified above all others. Including the name of Jesus.

By Brother Paul at

Trump who doesn’t support homosexuals is a friend to God , Jesus and all sane men but as usual false prophet like you sir will always run after homosexual biden who was fucked by Obama and loves the rainbow coalition

Trump is a CONMAN, not a Christian!

Very soon you will realize that he’s not only the most vile human being that ever walked this earth but he will be exposed as the DEVIL in flesh. The antichrist.

Read this below, from Donnie Darkened at Twitter.

Satan is so much smarter than people realize.

He was able to deceive a third of God’s angels, and yet we as believers fool ourselves into thinking his true agenda will be recognizable without genuine, biblical, and spirit-led discernment.

Wolves don’t come as wolves, they come as sheep.

Meaning, the true spirit of antichrist will rise from those who, on the surface, appear to be on “the side of God,” but inwardly are ravenous wolves, requiring strong discernment to recognize.

If someone professes Christ with their lips, it does not inherently mean they are right with God or “on His side.”

In Mark 5:6-7 the demons that Jesus confronted acknowledged His authority and even called Him “Son of the Most High God.”

So if even the demons can acknowledge Christ’s authority and Lordship, so too can deceivers who, in their own delusion, can lead many astray.

As I’ve pointed out many times, Jesus warns believers in Matthew 24 not to be deceived, as Satan’s deception will be so powerful it will deceive even the elect, if possible.

Satan’s end game is not about worldly dominion, because he already is the god of this world. (2 Corinthians 4:4)

His end game is to lead as many believers away from following Christ’s teachings as possible and in following the flesh, which we are already inclined to do in our fallen nature.

The true spirit of Antichrist is not one of overt, obvious rejection of Christ, but rather, an internal denial of His teachings and a demonstration of the same hypocrisy that Jesus exposed of the Pharisees.

During those days, the pharisees were seen as the righteous ones, who truly followed the Most High.

But they weren’t exposed as hypocrites until Jesus pressed them.

And so too, will the vast majority of those who profess Christ with their lips will also be exposed as hypocrites to those who truly follow Him.

The spirit of Antichrist is rising right now from a false Christ movement, seeking to rid the world of evil, pridefully thanking God they aren’t like “those people” like the Pharisee in Luke 18, all while being hypocrites and proclaiming the name of Christ.

By @DonnieDarkened

The designation of “transgender visibility day” on Easter Sunday is so clearly deliberately meant to continue to provoke and stir a spirit of rebellion among believers.

If you’re really paying attention, you’ll see that all of this obvious wickedness that takes no Holy Spirit to discern is meant to draw us into the flesh and this culture war and ecumenical, multi-faith battle for the ultimate idol: the world and our lives.

This is all setting the stage for the true spirit of Antichrist to rise, a false Christ movement seeking to rid the world of the Babylonian New Word Order agenda and establish fallen humanity’s vision of “the kingdom of God.”

This is where the real deception is, the one that could deceive even the elect, if possible.

This growing rebellion and the counterfeit kingdom of God they will inevitably build will be the real beast kingdom.

True disciples of Christ see this for what it is, a deliberate diversion leading millions into a cunning snare from the enemy.

Be wise and discerning in these days, lest you fall into the deceptions and temptations of the flesh.