Trump’s Businesses Raked In $1.9 Billion Of Revenue During His First Three Years In Office

During his tenure his Golf clubs and hotels were minting money proper. The U.S was also footing the bills for his golf outings (in his own resorts) on top ,secret service agents were being charged $650 per night.

[SIZE=6]Same Democrat author of that very same article just one hour ago :[/SIZE]



Same author two weeks ago :[/SIZE]


In short hii yote inakuwaga CONTRADICTORY fake news propaganda ya kuuza gazeti na vitabu.

And now this rat fucker will be very jobless without Trump around. He has made good money maligning the president.

Would you even blame him…

Financial statements za Hunter Biden za kuuza cocaine ziko wapi…


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Alar!!! Mbona kunitupa nje na hizo umbwa koko,nimeweka tu jina zote za mbindeni. Haujafanya poa

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[SIZE=5]Kinyozi uko na vituko sana. Nyoa mafuthi bila kusumbua.


Boyfriend anaendeleaje? Smells like poo poo in here,umeosha mkundu vizuri kweli wewe kashoga?

[SIZE=7]Investigations into Trump, his business could lead to criminal charges[/SIZE]
Experts say several state and federal investigations into Trump and his business dealings are putting the former president’s future in legal jeopardy.

Ben Tracy reports.