Trump protestors storm the senate

Counting suspended as MAGAts breach capitol. Wameingia hadi katikati.



Police look helpless

Purple come get your terrorists bro

We just got put under curfew.




Haha. Love it.

Hii ndio systemic racism. Imagine what would have happened if these were minorities protesting

We shall revisit Guka Trump after this.


They should steal the artworks in those buildings. Very valuable stuff.

He addressed them at 11 am local time. He’s in so much sh*t, that’s why his son is calling for ‘peaceful’ protests. It’s too late for that.

After the BLM debacle can you really hold the moral high ground?

The uninformed Capital police inside the chambers are armed

Una nywele kweli?

Reminds me so much of mganga jowie and his canaanite cows



Poleni. Are you downtown? I was in (around) Rosslyn earlier, but I normally use GW pkwy.