Trump-Norway F-52 Military Aircraft Deal lie

So in an attempt to water down his remarks by STATING Norway as his ideal source of immigrants, the dude went like, he loves Norway because he sold them a bunch of F-52 Bombers.
Apparently F-52 Aircraft only exist in Call of Duty.


I agree, Africa may be full of Shithole countries. But Trump is a confirmed Racist. Not the first one in the white house but he just is Racist. Any decision being made anywhere should factor in the issue of Trump being racist. Against all non-whites. Blacks, Latinos, Arabs, Persians and East Asians

feck you african. you want to be loved by the white man? what for? how much do you love the white man?

I know the white man well enough not to want to be “loved” by them. White man translation of loving someone is when he is shafting them. Just saying, when signing deals with Trump, do it fully aware that deals are being made with a racist.

Not just with trump. every white leader will push their agenda as much as they can for their people. if you got no leverage, he will trash you.
The idea that trump hates black people implies that blacks want to be loved by whites. Trump is just a little less pretentious, but less hateful than other pretending leaders.

There’s a difference between preferring your own kind and going out of your way to hate another kind. People prefer the company of those like them. Racism is hating somebody because of their skin color. Learn to recognize the difference.

If I am a European leader, or a leader of ANY country that holds an advantage in a particular deal with e.g. an African country, damn straight I’m going to use my advantage! That’s being a good leader (or businessman) and has NOTHING to do with racism. Additionally, we are psychologically programmed to be more comfortable with people that are like us - you’ll hardly find a very smart person keeping the company of dullards; sports lovers normally hang out with other sports nuts, etc.

Racism (and some other isms) is an active word. If refers to actions (by people) going out of their to discriminate against others because they are different.

Don’t worry ni PM was Norway alimjazz wacha apate na fairy princess wa norway ndo atachizi kabisa…