Trump land and Germany

Kusema ukweli watu mko huko, where do you get premium pussy, because white women are choosey, unless she’s fat like Truman caput

Alafu black Americans, tend to look down on immigrants, hata ule talker alipost hapa fat German, najua alijaribu sana

England and France is much better, I’ve seen guys importing french women hadi wanaleta Kenya

@applebee100 uwanja ni wako


I can’t help you, unfortunately. I’ve never had problems getting white/latina/asian women here in Trump land.

There are only three rules to getting women:

  1. Be attractive
  2. Don’t be unattractive
  3. Observe rules 1 and 2 above

The problem is that most Africans (from Kenya especially. Most Naijas don’t have this problem) have vitambis and are ugly as fuck :joy:.

The reason you do well in Kenya is that our women aren’t choosey. Only money matters to them. Huku US, there’s one non-negotiable: looks. As long as you’re good looking and have a decent job then you won’t have issues. Kenyan men are used to survive on money alone huko kwa Ruto because women there only value money so jamaa wengi wanakaa tu nyangumi. Alafu ukifika western countries you start wondering what the problem is. It’s because you’re not good looking. Very simple.


sijawahi kuwa na mashida kama kama hizi, dont know what you’re talking about nigger


britain has the ugliest women in yurop so they cant be choosy na french ni malaya sugu

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Aiiii we mzee sema white women …i watch alot of UK drill music videos and those half breeds pointy are to die for

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Jinii what country are you residing?!!

Kasayole republic

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Did You know that Donald Trump is of German origin …???


On October 7, 1885, Friedrich Trump, a 16-year-old German barber, bought a one-way ticket for America, escaping three years of compulsory German military service.
He had been a sickly child, unsuited to hard labor, and feared the effects of the draft.

Interestingly , Donald Trump also skipped the Vienam Draft , claiming a fake disability due to bone spurs.

It might have been illegal, but America didn’t care about this law-breaking—at that time, Germans were seen as highly desirable migrants—and Trump was welcomed with open arms.
More than a century later, his grandson, Donald Trump , became the 45th president of Friedrich’s adopted home.

Trump is the son, and grandson of German immigrants.
None of his grandparents and only one of his parents, was born in the United States or spoke English as their mother tongue.

So much about his frequent talk of poor Immigrants from “shithole countries” flooding the USA with disease , Crime and Drugs

Shenzi Kabisa … !!! :rage:

toa ujinga hapa mbwa wewe