Trump: January Sixth


Trump anaongea kama sani.

See you Trump!!!

That is when atajua hata VP wake aka Guka Pence hayuko nayeye.

Trump ni wazimu. It’s long been over for him.

tarehe sita kuna nin kwani? hapa niko nyuma
@T.Vercetti saidia

@T.Vercetti alia kwa uchungu

I thought wewe ni pro-trump

Kuna nini 6th?

The WH has been sanitized top to bottom, and the secret service re-organized in readiness for the new POTUS. Trump is just making noise to energize his (not very smart) base. He’s just embarrassing himself further; the guy doesn’t know when to stop.


Trump will Nuke DC.

Biden’s false victory will be overturned and Trump will continue ruling for four more years. Watch this space

:D:D:D:D why are doing this to yourself??