Trump goes down with the whole Republican party.

The Georgia run offs have been won by Democrats! The two seats in the deep red southern state have turned blue! This gives control of Senate to the Democrats. The final blow to the Republicans who have held the majority in the Senate since 2014.
But had lost the house in 2018.

When Trump took office in 2016, he had the Senate, House of Representatives, and presidency. Just in four years he has costed the party, the house, the Senate and the presidency!


Halleluia. Trump needs to be put on suicide watch.


If it were up to me he shouldn’t. Let the ferker follow his 360k victims.

Naaaah we want him alive for the longest time. I hear he will have to deal with many court cases? He cannot just mess up such a great nation and expect to check himself out. He needs to see this through.
Najua saa huu hakilali without prescriptions. Why do most of his supporters always look so angry?

if only we could do a similar purge here jakuon,arap and jayden wakwende wote ghaseer

Kenyans are simply too stupid for that. They want to same stupid faces because they are all enthralled by ukubwa.

Could there be a twist in this tale?

Scores of state lawmakers from the pivotal presidential battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have signed a letter asking Vice President Mike Pence to delay the congressional acceptance of Electoral College votes for at least 10 days after January 6.

The legislators assert that they need the extra time to review “an unprecedented and admitted defiance of state law and procedural irregularities raising questions about the validity of hundreds of thousands of ballots,” which could necessitate that they decertify their states’ current slates of presidential electors.

The letter notes that while January 6 is the date established by federal law for Congress to accept and count Electoral College votes, an even higher authority — the U.S. Constitution — supersedes this deadline because it assigns ultimate authority over elections to the state legislatures, many of which have not had an opportunity to convene since Election Day.

Wapi @Tvacetti na 3d explanations??

Wapi pseudo gringos ya trumpland?:D:D

Huyu msee after kuskiza akiiomba aibiwe kura lost the Georgia Senators votes for sure.

This phone call ni jela by itself.

huyu msee ako na 2 weeks ajue ataenda exile wapi

Why the Georgia election was held under the same disputed electroral system is something that will be discussed for a long time. Sydney Powell and Lin Wood had advised a postponement of the Runoff. Trump is reorganizing the Republican party. @T.Vercetti , what you say ?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D these sites give Trumpists hope. They should be kept running its cheaper than therapy

Mike Pence already informed Trump there’s not much he can do to reverse the election result.

This guy I a wannabe dictator

Don’t worry about this. The only thing that the few Republican lunatics can do is delay the certification just for a few hours with their nonsense claims and debates. Otherwise there is nothing they can do to prevent Biden from being sworn in on 20th!

He is live on Al-Jazeera.
Inciting everyone.

He is just inciting his lunatic supporters and white supremacists who have attended. Only people who are crazy enough to believe in his nonesence… There is heavy presence of police. Watawika tu na waende walale