Trump force 1

As Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House kicks into high gear, the bombastic billionaire will be jetting across America on his private Boeing 757-200 airliner. Unlike most presidential candidates, The Donald actually owns his campaign plane.

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The most funny thing I head him say about Mc Cain is that one cannot call himself a war veteran when he was captured.

That said, this will be an interesting election in US if Trump gets republicans nod


hehe hio ni mbaya

But I agree with him. McCain is popular because he was captured.

Election ya US sio kama ya Kenya. Huku tumepangiwa presidents hadi 2032 but huko ni very unpredictable. You know who the next president is kura zikimalizwa kuhesabiwa. Cases in point:

  1. Many thought Al Gore would be president
  2. Many thought Mitt Romney would defeat Obama second term
  3. Many thought Kerry would defeat Bush second term

NOT REALLY! Polls had Obama in the lead throughout the campaign time


Percentage of error is+/-2%

I concur. Trump is nothing but a pacesetter with a loud mouth. Republicans can never give him a nod. He is Crazy.

Although Trump is popular with the conservative republicans, its very hard for him to win over independent guys and latinos. If republicans have Trump as a candidate, Hillary will sleep walk into white house.


the error doesn’t mean no. 1 becomes no. 2

But its not automatic that Clinton will get the democratic ticket. She has to go through nominations and face a tough Bernie Sanders

For the above statistics, it means that the person leading can become number 2

If they don’t give trump he will go in as an independent candidate thus fucking the republican votes . HII KITU wapatie trump akuje kama ameingia mexico kutafuta el chapo. I think we need another warmonger in the Whitehouse si swara mpole kama Obama. Trump aingie atleast prime minister wa Israel achangamkie Iran ka nuke.

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That’s exactly what democrats want. Trump to be denied republican ticket so that he runs as independent

But okiya how can he be denied the ticket and he is leading?

NA Ile design George Bush alishinda Algore sikuelewa.

I have an uncanny feeling that the Republican party barons are using Trump as a decoy to sneak in Jebb Bush as more grounded and acceptable candidate. It will be Bush vs Clinton but I could be wrong.