Trump Blasts SCOTUS For Throwing Out Texas Case

The countdown has already began. Evict this Mofo



Ingalikuwa 254, kidi zingekuwa zimerushwa kwa wingi…

Apende asipende atatoka next month…

Mpiga ngumi ukuta…

Siku ya kufa nyani…!


Over to you @Purple and @Kahuni Maisha …
Kumamina zenu…and skupid @uwesmake
Wasting our bundles and minute lives

Hata miti huteleza… ahsante mzito @Shabba Ranks

He’s a deranged monster who has no respect for anyone or anything. He is, by far, the WORST president in the US.
Why is he screaming at the SC and the AG for doing their jobs? Dump is a nut case. He can fire all the people he wants in the remaining 38 days, he’s just making Biden’s job easier because he’ll be able to make better appointments.


…Si bondia:D

Usiseme ni Governor Sonko…


Trump should just check into a mental institution on 20th Jan. This now borders on mental illness.