Trump asks Egypt to Bomb Ethiopia GERD Dam


The fool is all about the making silly deals to convince ‘the art of the deal’ :smiley:

israel embassy in jerusalem
israel vs uae/saudi
sudan pay 335 m $
sudan normalize tie with egypt - pending
north korea nuclear - middle finger
new iran deal - middle finger
syria - middle finger
turkey s400 - middle finger
india s400 - middle finger
new START deal russia - ??

wacha katambe

Egypt cannot dare bomb GERD. It will give Ethiopia every right to bomb Aswan Dam.

Then they’ll be war and the biggest loser will be Egypt.

those bombs aren’t cheap

Trump cannot stop a prophesy. The river Nile is prophesied in the book of Isaiah to dry up. The Asiatic people who dominate Egypt claiming to be the ancient Egyptians will eventually go back to Asia and then Egypt will be reoccupied by black people just like it was in the beginning.
It was a great famine in Asia that brought them to Egypt and it is a great famine that will make them leave Egypt.

May the legendary Dr John Henrick Clarke rest in peace

Don’t forget the banks and birrionaires who provide the money to buy the bombs watakula interest pia.

You forgot to call him msito Trump. Greatest military leader in the history of brain dead people

Sokwe wewe, wapi odds

lol let’s sit and wait.btw if such a thing happened it would give me a reason to believe in miracles and prophecies,but iam worried that it can never happen in the foreseeable future because for now it is only wishful thinking from black africans who are desperate to raise their egos in order to stop feeling inferior to other races.that just proves bonoboism in africans,instead of working hard to improve their countries,they are just sitting daydreaming on futile things that will never happen!

They can’t. Ethiopia will bomb their 5000 yrs old pyramids…

It’s a free world and everybody can believe what they want to believe.

Niko nyuma ya our neiba Egypt can not withstand war of attrition with Ethiopia. Right now Ethiopian are divided the only things that will bring a sense of unity ni war. Wacha katambe our government should allow their beautiful women without any restrictions.


Trump Jong Un apelekwe nyumbani haraka saiidi

nimejaribu kuambia hizi bonobo juu ya clarke but hawaskii , huyu jamaa ni walking maktabaa… huyu clarke anaeza fanya hawa self hating negros waache kujidharau… mwafrika ndio baba lao…

pewa busaa ndoo moja on my tab…

Offcourse the western world wants a war in africa… am sure a mjor war is coming and it will affect us…i also think this war will take a religious angle down the line and sudan will find itself receiving orders from USA against ethiopia…usa kindly requested to have ‘relations’ with isreal juzi to lift sanctions…alafu pia naona isis will find it’s way in ethiopia and USA will come to bring democracy as always…fikirieni nyinyi…

I remember many years ago reading an article which said future wars will be about water resources. Well, here we are…

Egypt stands to lose the most

Pia Sisi we should build a tunnel to channel that water from lake Victoria.

Yunares steits hawajali about water wars hence their verbal diarrhea instigating wars