Trump Announces the end of TPP

China is going down since they are the ones who have been ripping huge from this partnership.( Trans-Pacific Partnership)
Most if not all of U.S goods are manufactured in China on the other hand, which country manufactures anything for china or rather exports to china.

Manufacturing are not going to go back to the states, that ship sailed


There are insane profits to be made in China due to cheap labour, in return, this makes commodities cheaper in the 1st world countries.
Wonder what type of incentives DJT will offer in return?

Let’s all remember he is among those business men who benefit from this cheap labour so whichever move he makes lazima wale ana kula nao wana say. Mind you business partners always cover their ass.The more days go by the more of a puppet this guy seems to me. I feel he is a front for a conglomerate …his all of a sudden silence …Trump come on talk shit …
[SIZE=7]What have you got to loose…

First of all, take note that China was not party to the partnership; and secondly, its China that stands to benefit from the cancellation of the agreement; the rest will automatically crumble without US…


I pity Taiwan.

America retailers and consumers are the biggest beneficiary of TPP.

Possibility that the countries in TPP will try and get China in? I think we are looking to a lot of uncertainty in the future. Good or bad no one knows the ripple effect of these things.


wacheni tramp ajibambe

You have no clue!! TPP was deliberately designed to exclude China.

[SIZE=6][B]US leaving TPP: A great news day for China[/B][/SIZE]

According to projections, if the entire supply chain of the iPhone is shifted to US of A, the cost of a handset with rise by at least USD 30.0 - and that is a conservative estimate!