Trump ameona moto


Ata jamaa wake wa golf wameruka yeye:D

Nobody can assume Donald Trump, its either you love him passionately or hate him passionately.
Just like Arror.

sasa who care about bonobo mwizi wa sugoi:D
you over estimate yourselves…
ruto kwangu ni ka-doggie

Trump will not help us, tafadhali ndugu focus kwa vitu zitasaidia the village

wee kaa na huko kijijini…
mbona tukae na wewe

Kila kitu inamkataa :D:D:D meanwhile magadiots/ domestic terrorists are being booked to jail left right and center. :D:D:D

Just like I’ve said, you can’t ignore him, you hate him with passion. Najua kalonzo kwako si kama doggie, ju you don’t care about kalonzo.

Thousands of Americans stormed Capitol Bld, and the reflex is to call them domestic terrorists. Even Biden himself called them domestic terrorists. Now that democrats stole the election and “have” senate for the first time in a long time, their reflex is to impeach Trump? Heheheee…