trump amejua hajui

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Hahaaa.kweli Obama alikuwa roho safi

Na ati aldai yule boi wa N.Korea ni " Little Rocket Man". Si Trump hako na jokes.


Yrump is a Realist. You’ve got to love him.


Petty discussion fit only for cnn

Lakini anaogopa huyo Little rocket man

Trump must be stressed vibaya. Guys are defying and disrespecting him left right and centre. Si Steph Curry, si N.Korea si Iran, si ISIS saying US is being led by an idiot, shait, Trump has made the great US of A a laughing stock…I’m sure he some times wonders why he took up the job.

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The NBA and NFL players are overwhelmingly black yet the team owners are mostly white. MJ is the only black owner in the history of America. He owns the Charlotte Hornets. Sasa shida imekuwa these black players not standing up, rather kneeling with one knee during the National Anthem that is sung before the start of a game. Colin Kaepernick started this trend and since then has been blackballed by all NFL teams, he’s currently jobless. The black players allege police brutality, the slavery heritage of America and the flag as well as general racial discrimination the reason they cannot show respect. White viewers and the Donald are furious because they feel these black players became multimillionaires in America, a country they love to hate. Whites are saying to boycott the NFL/NBA. It’s all around ugly and then we have Orange Man always trying to give an opinion where it’s not needed, obviously to stir up his base.


The Donald is truly petty. Yenyewe respect is earned.

The Donald calls it as it is. And for that reason, Americans love him.

Good exposition.
I think the ‘Powers That Be’ want to stir up a racial conflict between Whites and Blacks in the US, something that is not in the interests of either race.

Whatever happens in USA between now and 2024, I won’t mind. I will only cash on it.

kwani hiyo facebook yako ilikuwa kwa hurricane?

Nobody should disrespect his Nation’s Flag and National anthem. If those Negro football and NBA players are all about walking the talk ,they should leave the game.But they can’t! Cus they got drugs to pay for, sneakers to buy, Xbox to have, Cadillac Escalades to stunt in, Parties to throw down,baby momma problems, Incarcerated relative’s families to look out for, And they moms to take care of. Bunch of Spineless niggas…reason whites still despice those entitled brats.

Absolutely not! America is not North Korea where Fat Boy demands unquestioned respect and loyalty or else. Flag burning and other acts of symbolic expression that may be deemed disrespectful are indeed protected by the First Amendment of the American constitution. Those NFL/NBA players have all the leeway to “disrespect” the flag and not sing the national anthem as they please. That’s the whole damn point of the 1st amendment the ability to make a choice without fear of punishment.

osa vinya

Ni screenshot

Just saw that Drumpf flew bombers along N.korea’s coast .Shits getting real truly the end of days.

In DPRK’s waters?

Yeap they are testing each others limit.