TrumanCameffi ADMIN Banawe

Feel free to “unsee” all of them and immediately do the following :-

  • exit this Elders platform for good and seek an age appropriate one where you can access various cartoons and video games.
  • get professional counseling that will address any mental challenges or trauma that burden you.

@PERDITION ndio ana suck menses za @TrumanCapote


Speak for yourself. You know she is a He, right? @TrumanCapote? Sehemu nyeti yake ni ya kiume, usoni Ako kama binti.

Bazenga si tuliweka peace treaty na mikakati ya healing and cohesion bona unanipepeta?

sawa dagitari wa mitishamba

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naona amesongeza from General section to community management. hapo anajiona coder mmoja wa ajabu

Another Juvenile to sample the IGNORE Button …
Go and look for like minded age mates to play with in the “Cartoon Section”…