Truman Capote: A case study of Black Self Hatred

I’ve been reading her posts mostly and I think she’s a proper candidate for Dr. Phil (Episode title: black woman wants to be white). Or am I overjudging her talkers?

No you are not overjudging but before tuendelee keti huko -------->>

That’s a depressed and bitter 40- year old woman. Avoid her

That’s a psychopath, avoid her if you can

A case of a victim of serious character development, as Kibe would say.

:D:D:D wueh!!

I never read her posts… I need to safeguard my sanity from all that poison.

That is a childless self-hating black over-the-wall girl who thinks she is white and deserves better than all her black counterparts across the globe and incidentally is in love with the father and is jealous of the mother. And because she can’t have the father as a lover, she is on a black hating spree for validation.
She is also self-loathing and can’t bring herself to procreate because she knows she is mentally unstable to breed and raise kids and now uses the money to hide her insecurities. I reckon she is not a looker if as at now she has not bagged a ‘white’ dick to give her white seed that she worships.
Ignore her.

Female version of Charles Njonjo

Why are you guys losing sleep over a self-confessed charlatan? I propose you delete this thread. We can’t waste any more time on non-issues.

In any Democracy ( …and especially in here …) , anyone should feel free to express their opinions, whether we agree with them or not …

Tolerance ( …even in the absence of agreement…) is an important factor of the freedom of expression …


That is why Elders and Bootyologists in here suffer Idiots , Morons , Nitwits and Ignorant Juveniles … :D:D

Huyu ni wa wapi? I am ready to risk it all. Tuma coordinates.

Model from Durban , SA …
You will need to put your wallet where your mouth is … :D:D

Internet allows us to live our fantasies. Regardless of age.

@TrumanCapote is a lesbian

@TrumanCapote after everything your brothers and sisters went through , educate yourself and drop the self hate


@Lionheart will entertain kapondi

Yes I will, what is it to you? Uliingia hapa last month. Kuja pole pole kijana.

What is it with your type thinking joining ktalk in 1909 kind of makes you special…ktalk Kuna mahali unaendanga unafungua simu unawaonyesha uko uku una pewa vip pass/treatment…Wacha umama

I wasn’t talking to you, so what is the aim of insulting me? Nini unashinda unanifuata, jinga hii? I only came here coz your fellow idiot tagged me. Stupid fecal sludge. Leo unikome. Shenzi kabisa.
It’s unimaginable how anyone could carry around such a thick and poisonous lump of shit like yourself in the belly for nine months, then feed it for years. If your thoughts are so ugly and worthless, you must leave the stench of dead dog wherever you pass. You see people covering their mouths and noses, because your presence corrupts the air instantly. I’m sure food rots immediately you touch it, flowers wither, and babies cry and puke on seeing you. No one needs you, you exude pure evil. You’re insane, only a matter of time before you hang yourself, utuondokee. Takataka, some 90kgs of moving dog shit polluting human space.
Don’t answer me, to me you’re dead. Just get out of my sight, Satan.