true story

I used to work at a certain firm where they restricted all social media platforms including YouTube and porn sites, colleagues couldn’t access them, using my basic web development skills, I created a proxy server where colleagues would enter those social media platforms, the IT department noticed then blocked the servers, I would create multiple proxy servers…the whole thing affected productivity until one of my colleagues was promoted to supervisor, he told the bosses that iam responsible for unblocking Facebook…I was fired on the spot, chased away from the office like a dog by the CEO, am told my “Evil Activities” caused the company 10Million losses…that was very good.

How the hell does one socialize on a porn site?

The company lost 10 million & to you that was very good?? That is one of the reasons Kenya hatuendelei

Si ufungue ile server…



hii ndio maana mimi husema ukipewa company laptop or phone, dont save your personal data hapo. Utafutwa kazi one day on the spot halafu msee wa IT aambiwe to lock down your devices, hapo ndio utalia kwa choo picha zako zikienda

So sad while our brodas from western are using company resources to run fraud cartels and hack bank servers kazi yako ni kushinda fb ukiona twerk videos baadae unamalizia xvideos . Hauna akili ya kutaka kujitegemea

right or left hand depending on how u roll;)

:smiley: hapo kwa twerk videos na xvideos are u talking from experience?

There is nothing social about a porn site only perversion and for your information I don’t roll whatever that is.

Acha kujifanya mujamaa. Kuwasha nduthi is a phase in life. You miss it ukiwa young itaku kumba when you grow up so tafasali acha upusu

mimi wasee wa IT walishani gundua since level yangu niko na rights za ku browse net but mimi hukunywa na mdosi wao wanacheza chini

ulifungulia mdosi server?

Create multiple servers for NASA na uwache kutusumbua.

Hiyo niliachia vijana, ni vile wanasema eti pia hiyo ni mtandao wa kijamii. Wataweza katia mtu kweli?

This is a factually insufficient narration but ni sawa tu

The problem is that those sites are avenues for malware. You can jeopardize the survival of the whole organization with malware infection on your laptop. I never use a company laptop even at home to access such sites.

social media hamna shida lakini porn and torrents, hapo iko sida

I was actually talking about ngwati sites not social media of course. The only detrimental side of social media is time wastage and the risk that some people might share sensitive organizational info through such platforms.