True or False? Twende Kazi................

“Babu Owino is safer in police custody than walking free.”

Overheard, in a classified location full of dread-locked businessmen eating goat meat na thubu.



Nairobi Biz Community apan tambua taka taka:D:D:D:D…kuna mtu atang’olewa vichwa zote mbili

Have overheard the same from the business community.

he is even safer back at UON behind the safety in numbers assured by comrade power

In the thread below wanasema business men have gotten unfettered access to his posterior end huko kwa cell.

Kumbe Business persons ndio dawa ya hawa jamaa. Si all other Business persons from all over join their comrades in protecting their property from ‘peaceful demonstrators’ hii shida iishe for once and for all.

This is the talk of the town

False, nilisema hao business community ni chokosh, ata labda hawawezi chinja kuku,
Don’t you know how some battles are won?

misdirection and fighting the enemy where they are not :D:D:D:D