True ama fake news? Nairobi CEC's


wako tech savvy mpaka wameweka virtual signatures kwa hard copy .

mbona hio C O ARMS ya nairophi county hukaa kama flag ya uganda na kwanini hizo marabou storks za nyayo stadium ?

Wacha wakuje in 3, 2, 1

Very fake, the previous cartels at work. They can’t eat anymore and Gov. Sonko is delivering to the people. They have denounced it just this morning.

Our attention has been drawn to a statement doing rounds on social media purporting that we, the County Executive Committee Members of the Nairobi City County Government, have threatened to resign allegedly due to interference in our work by non members of staff of the county.
We hereby categorically state that this statement is not true. It is a figment of fertile imagination from unknown sources. The agenda is clearly to portray the Nairobi County leadership as unstable. This is fake and malicious news which should be dismissed with the
contempt it deserves.
The 10 CEC Members remain steadfast in our commitment to serve the people of Nairobi and to support Nairobi Governor, H.E. Mike Mbuvi Sonko in his vision to transform the lives of city residents.
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Whether fake or not, lazima kitunguu kimenukishwa mahali!

Gov. Sonko is fighting cartels in several fronts.

  1. All pending county bills have been set aside for audit to verify if genuine or not, if service/goods was provided/delivered and whether it was done procedural or not. Here it has raised a huge storm such that his personal security has been increased.

  2. Gov. Sonko stopped the weekly 100000 brown envelope to all MCA’s every Fridays at the cash office that was the norm. You know how our politicians will respond to this. So far even in Jubilee 2 MCA’s have been recalled from county committee by the party for abusing their position.

  3. Infighting, jostling and pushing for tenders which Gov Sonko is playing ball.

Expect more such fake stories to show up in meat wrappers as long as Gov Sonko holds out on them.


I wish to respond to a story published in today’s star page 27 on the above raised by a section of members of the Public Accounts committe.

Let me put the records straight that my administration inherited the said overdraft from my predecessor’s administration.
Unlike the other pending bills where I had ordered for an in-depth scrutiny and vetting before payments are made, Co-operative bank which is the official banker of Nairobi City County where our revenue is banked before being swept to the county’s revenue account at the Central Bank in their own wisdom and in accordance to their financial regulations decided to recover the overdraft without consulting us. This practice applies to anyone operating a bank account with an overdraft and Nairobi City County is not an exception. However after my finance officers raised the issue with me I personally wrote to the bank vide the attached letter dated 20/12/2017. The bank replied in their self explainatory letter dated 21/12/2017 attached.

We had earlier received an advice from our auditors as per their attached MEMO dated 5/12/2017 that the overdraft was costing the county and tax payers a monthly interest of 14,000,000/= (14M) which we also suspected part of it was going to the pockets of some individuals as commission hence the need to clear it once and for all to avoid incurring further interest as annually we were to loose over 168,000,000/= (168m).
I am ready to defend this transaction at whatever level as it was in the best interest of the people of Nairobi. It must also be noted that there are forces who were against us clearing the overdraft.

Therefore, claims that we did not seek the County Assembly’s approval before making the said payment is not correct as the bank recovered the said overdraft from our account without our advice or approval.

Let us also be told under what circumstances that a section of members lobbied and pushed for the reinstatement of some county cashiers who were removed from the cash office after stollen Sh7m was recovered from one of the suspended chief cashier before their report is tabled at the county assembly for adoption and implementation. It should be noted that immediately after cashiers were brought back to the cash office yesterday our daily revenue collection declined from 84m on 13/2/2018 to 45m yesterday’s (14/2/2018) daily collection.

It should be further noted and I’m sure our more than 13,000 staff will bear me witness that since we registered and improved our revenue collection we have been managing to pay them on time before the 25th of each month.

To the section of the involved Hon.members as we appreciate your oversight role over the executive and with all the due respect let us be verifying our facts before we rush to tarnish our good names as everybody including yourselves have names to protect. My office is always open to all of you irrespective of our political affiliations in case a matter of public importance arises as I believe our unity is supreme and a better way of uniting the Great Nairobians we serve. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.
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The guy is trying sana heko kwake. Maybe it’s because he’s trying to prove himself so much amid criticism. I hope he won’t run out of steam.

Niko nyuma ya sonko

Corruption fights back… hard!!!

Name the font…