That nigga is a bitch. Very slow motherfucker, kitu ako nayo ni sharp teeth tu. Am sure I can drop him in a fight.

:D:D Toa Toa Mbegu Kwa Ngwai Msee…


Yenyewe. Homo sapiens pana tambua feline alpha. Alpha ya Homo sapiens pana teeth na claws.

Sijui mbona mnacheka in a fare fight (hands only and umama ya biting disallowed) alafu tufungwe in a cage ntaumiza that nigga vibaya sana. Am sure KWS will prosecute me for animal abuse though.

:D:D:D yenyew teeth na claws ni umama

Tena sana… Ndio maana nasema that nigga is a bitch 100%. Zake huwa tu biting and scratching, only bitches fight like that.

Hiyo ikikuchapa slap moja tu your head will disengage from your body. That fight will last 2 secs

:D:D:D:D:DYou people are making my day.

Fake news peddled by nature channels to increase tourist revenue by hyping up mediocre animals. This nigga doesn’t even hunt for his food, he’s mostly provided for by the female lions who go out to hunt preys. Siwezi tishwa na mwanaume amewekwa na bibi. Never.

@MadPhilosopher kindly visit a nearby park, sneak into this dude’s den and tell him what you are telling us here…Kisha utuletee Hekaya, that is if you live to tell.

If it’s a controlled legal manly fight am all in… Bora asikuje na umama ya biting, kukwaruzana and such upuzi. Ntapea hiyo bitch ass nigga vita mbaya sana.

Inaitwa kusanif, atoe vinyaru na mbichwa Kwa chwodho

Them bitches be like, access denied