Trucks aside

After yesterdays dick measuring contest with bus drivers we became friends and over a few cold ones we discussed bus fabricators among other things.
1.MASTER FABRICATORS -Master is the master:the largest bus body company in Kenya in terms of client service, and best designs. #New Tahmeed designs in the pipeline now,mtatii(KCR/KCS)
2.BANBROS -Another talented bus body company,I rate it No.2 in Kenya.But acheni ku-copy body concepts za Master;Initiate your own creative designs,don’t copy.
3.CHODA FABRICATORS -The leading mini-bus body company in Kenya,with most creative designs embracing modernity.
4.LSHS -Renown for years,for good lorry carrier bodies,and school buses. 5.KCI(KENYA COACH INDUSTRIES) -KCI ,alongside LSHS,leads in School Bus bodies fabrication.
6.KVM The Thika-based fabricators trail Choda and KCI closely in mini-bus body fabrication.

@amun analeta ya truck body builders kina bachu na randon

Choda ni meffi ,doing some eyesore unsafe designs which appeal to anyone with mental age of 9.
Body filler kibao.

Hehehe, they disintegrate within a month na remedy ni more filler

Is that industry properly regulated? I find the quality of some builds wanting. Furthermore some builds are eye sores. I however appreciate them in terms of local industry, employment , economy etc

Siku hizi hakuna emergency exit na pia tudirisha nitudogo sana, wonder how they pass inspection

He he, unapata manyanga ni KCP na side moja imehang kama dogi ya ocha.

@Meria Mata , what are the applicable kebs body building standards? After the fabrication who and where is the inspection done because we all know the Inspector of motor vehicles is all about corruption

Jasraj wako sawa kuliko choda, choda sawa they have some fancy designs but they dont last

The standards were issued last Yr lakini sijaona zikitumika.
Goja nikuitie @Luther12 akuwekee pdf

Do you remember Kigwe body builders?

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]1. Master Fab are copyists…hakuna any new innovative designs zao…their designers are lifting Ideas from kina MarcoPolo Fabricators in Brasil.
[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]2. BanBros Lackany umpf…though their coaches topin terms of safety
[COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]3. LSHS and KCI are the worst…The only thing is the sturdiness of their Coaches else creativity is ZILCH!
4… KVM is shit…even designers wa Mobius 1 did a better Job.

Hehehe, umesahau Choda

Umesahau Gatiba body works Ile ya Nakuru na sahota :D:D:D

banbros sounds like bangbros …
choda ni meffi hizo achia watu wa shule

Na dodi ?

These ones are open canter body specialists for carrying market produce.

Ile ya roll cage instalation ndio najua. But haijafanyika and they will procastinate juu kuweka chuma zaidi adds weigh and that equals more fuel consumption and poorer performance and increased cost of purchase. Hizi buses ni death traps. Ngoja moja ipate ajali uangalie picha utashangaa. Now look for an american bus accident scene. The difference in damage is huge. We should start importing buses

Kujilipa itakuwa a tall order

The Brazilians and chinkus make wonderful buses too, check out the tahmeed buses zile zimeanguka, the roofs were still intact, kawere or channia ikianguka roof hua one km away

K.V.M formerly Leyland Kenya used to fabricate Leyland buses & trucks (incl Landrovers)…na pia canteen za Coca Cola :D.

Every Thursday morning train frm Nairobi ilikuwa inaleta knock down kits na kurudisha some complete units.

Tuesdays ilikuwa siku ya rolling chasis…convoys za half-built lorries na dere amevaa helmet heading off to Nairobi.