Truck mounted crane

Wahenga…who ha dealt na crane truck. Job iko aje and which truck would best fit the bill. There isnt much info online. Looks like there aren’t so common.
With the competition in the transport sector, taking the less ventured route seems like a good idea. Or so I think…
Your take…

Buy a honey sucker.

Good idea.

tafuta lorry light. inaeza beba magari. na ueke io crane tu ndogo pia. lorry kidogo kama or kuliko canter

Exhauster…did some research n it’s not as easy as it is on paper. One you need a bigger truck. Io tank pia its not cheap as it’s made of dense (thick)metal not to mention pump which cost 300k plus. Alafu pia kuna cartel pale of sorts. Alafu driver akidecide to dispose of load ovyo ovyo n he is caught, ull be fined a fortune.license za kaju na Nema
Av thought abt it… Considering everything its didn’t appeal to me.

Am not sure zinaeza enda pamoja. B a light truck kama Hyundai fits a small crane ya 3-4 tonne. An fh frr fits a bigger one…