Truck mishap- Mtito


What makes trailers to detach and crash the cabin during such instances?
Have seen several cases on A109 and other Kenyan roads.

pin ikikatika
RIP deree

Wuuuueh, occupational hazards. Some deaths are just too painful. Yaani umeenda kutaftia familia kitunguu then this happens. MHRIP.


Double shait!

MHRIP…mungu tulinde dhidi ya majanga barabarani

Amin amin

Holy crap!!!

Very painful.

That was yesterday morning at mtito, driver died on the spot and turnman suffered some minor injuries

Most probably fatigue, the dere might have dozed off or there was a steering system malfunction, unfortunately dead men tell no tales so we will never find out from the dere exactly what happened.

may his soul rest in peace, or as we say in the truckers world, wacha apumzike, shift yake imeisha


Wah!!! Alale salama