Truck drivers, the ultimate Amicus Pussyae?

You have been driving for over ten hours, you are tired with a swamp ass to boot ,but no, the instinct to do what thousands of your predicessors have been doing along kenyan towns and beyond is too strong. Get a lanye, na unukishe tyre kwa lodging. The following is a ctrl c + ctrl v, hehe I dont know how true this is.
[B]If we meet, and you introduce yourself as a long-distance truck driver, I will bow in respect, give you mini salute and shake your hand again.

This rare respect for truck drivers was earned in rather unholy circumstances.

I was in Bungoma, fresh from Campus doing some 2 day job there. I happened to spend the night, got myself a cheap room for the night, little did I know that the hotel was the official lodging headquarters for the drivers.

Son of the village was damn tired so I slept quite early.

It was exactly few minutes past 12 when I was woken by a sharp scream from the next door. I jumped off, only to be met by another rhythmattic scream from the other side. As I got up, similar female sounds were oozing from all corners.

I was innocent, and I thought that we were under a terrorism attack. I started reciting Psalms 23 as I rumbled for my boxers between the sheets.

I even started saying Allahu Akbar and reminding myself that am now Abubakar Hussein.

What was interesting was that the screamers were not shouting thief, or heeeeelp, except one who was saying anauawa.

I armed myself with the curtain rod.

I peeped outside, and it was clear, I carefully crawled out and towards the reception, sweating profusely.

I was shocked that the idiot at the desk looked calm while his hotel was under attack, it quickly clicked that maybe it was an inside job where he had himself organized for local militia to come rob us.

Anyway he was to laugh himself silly that the screams were from ‘friendly fire’ That they were cheers from participators to motivate their ‘attackers’ to drill with vigor.

The next two hours had the lodging sound like a conjugal choir as sisters moaned in joy.

And with that truck drivers earned my respect. @Meria Mata


:D:D Next ni Jamaa wa military. Noma sana

:D:D sawa son of the village !

Nothing plausible about careless mofos who bring HIV home with as many strains as their truck tyres.

I am talking orphans and widows by the truck load

I am not insane if i say, the only reason @Meria Mata is a villager must be the US funded antiretro’s.

Partly explains why he fancies and is quick to communicate accidents at Salama. A subtle way of saying utakufa tu mapema na walo positive wakiendelea kuishi but also paying an ode to something he regrettably never used; Salama condoms.


Evidential proof is a requirement on a hekaya.


Latisha. The TZ swahili is now clear. How low people descend


niko na 2k

Hate us, loathe us, demonize us… Hapa ni kazi tu (we drive your economy)



:eek::eek::eek::D:D:Dsounds like you went to one of those 500 chilling lodges

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Harlot thread, csn’t relate

Shipoto symphony


The word you’re looking for is “laudable”.


True. Ilinitatiza sana nikiitafuta

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No problem, Bingwa.

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Temptation za hii job yenu ni kibao… Of late tudem twa kuuza maji/ndizi in tight fitting skirts/trousers hapo mlolongo tumekuwa twingi sana…


It’s only the face that changes. So called sophisticated “upright” members of society frequenting massage parlors … wengine kunywa soda simmers/sj… Most men fall.


“Friendly fire” shiet… :D:D shambamba papanazi

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Hawa ma truck drivers wako na mabibi town zote from Mobatha mpaka Busia: Mlolongo, Salgaa, etc @Meria Mata ukweli ama rongo


sa curtain rod ilikua bunduski!!