Trouble in machakos counyy

Machakos Deputy Governor
Bernard Kiala was today grilled
by CID and fingerprinted over
theft of a water irrigation system
valued at about Kshs.20 million
meant for Wananchi.
It is alleged that Kiala connived
and directed pipes and an
irrigation system worth Kshs.13
million shillings from public
project at Kibaoni, Mwala to his
personal home in Masinga Sub-
County. It is also alleged that
Kiala did the same for an
irrigation project at Kondo in
Kithimani, Yatta Constituency
worth about Ksh.10 million.
He enriched himself using County
resources by directing that his
personal farm be installed with
irrigation systems using the
elaborate public program meant
to alleviate hunger in Mwala and
This, it is alleged, is one of the
many corrupt and illegal activities
undertaken by Kiala that saw him
fall out with Machakos Governor
Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, who has
repeatedly said all County
resources are for Wananchi
benefit only not to widen
stomachs of politicians.
Mr. Kiala has been a staunch
support and defender of
Machakos Senator Johnstone
Muthama who is currently being
prosecuted for stealing 1 billion
shillings from Poor Malili Ranch
owners, leading to the stalling of
Konza Techno City.
The Police are acting on a tip off
from Wananchi and the
contractor, one Osilingi
Contractors locally operated by a
Mr. Julius Mutua Kilungu who
unsuccessfully vied for Mwala
Constituency MP.

Hawa wakamba ni wezi kama their inlaws from mt kenya.

victor,haha stop being tribal bwana