Trouble brewing Kiss fm

Friday, 19
September 2014 - Trouble is
brewing at Kiss 100 studios after
The Rush Hour show host,
Kalekye Mumo, reported to the
management that her co-host,
Shaffie Weru is s3xually
harassing her.
According to sources, Shaffie
Weru, has for a long-time been
mistreating Kalekye Mumo since
he comes to work high on banned
substances. He abuses her
infront of other staff members
and goes to the extent of trolling
her for being over-weight.
Just recently, Kalekye had enough
of Shaffie’s insults and reported
him to the management. This has
led to his suspension and there is
a new radio presenter who will
soon be re-placing him.
Shaffie has opted for crazy party
life after being suspended and he
is nowadays seen hopping from
one club to another high on
alcohol. Word has it that he has
fallen into depression and his
talent may be going to the dogs.

I knew there must be something wrong upstairs with that shaffie guy.Mabangi ndio amekunywa mingi., usijali kalekye momo.:smiley: