Triple G vs Canelo

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very good fight on our hands tonight (or rather tomorrow morning). Ile fight ya Mayweather na Mcgregor has nothing on this yet this bout hasn’t received a tenth of the amount of publicity the former fight got.
Kazakhstan’s Golovkin (35) (37-0, 33 KOs) goes against mexican Canelo Alvarez (27) (49-1-1, 34 KOs), Alvarez only loss was to Mayweather in 2013 but I will give it to him as he was still a young upcoming boxer then.
Its believed the purse will be split 15m for Golovkin and 20m for triple g as triple g is the bigger star in the U.S
The bout goes down at 4am gmt (I think thats 7am east africa time), venue ni T Mobile Arena Las Vegas but for 99% of the niggas here the match will stream free on youtube.
The odds are on triple g’s side, lakini who knows what will go down since canelo pia ni mambo bad.
Nitawawacha na vids. za my favourite boxing youtube channel about this fight
First ni triple g

Then Canelo

Edit post yako.

Someone to share working links for the fight 30 mins before it starts, wanna stream it on my phone.

Waiting for hii mechi

How are u streaming it? Undercards zinaendelea

Nangoja kuona kama links zitawekwa reddit

Sasawa…lemme do the same.

You can stream in HD here: - No ads

Find more streaming links here: [MEDIA=reddit]path=%2Fr%2FBoxingStreams%2Fcomments%2F70jy6q%2F[/MEDIA]

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Mzito triple G anaingia ring

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Thanks man, hope it works well

Ingia HD stream

This match is hot. Very nice and quick exchange of blows

Kwani KTALK boxing fans mko wapi. It feels just wrong watching this fight alone. Extremely competitive and tight

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Canelo amelemewa

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Hio first link imebuffer sana but enjoyed the fight. GGG ni beast.

And it is officially a draw. Canelo came out strongly in the last three rounds.

Even those last three rounds couldn’t make it a draw, Canelo cleanly lost this fight. Upuzi tu.

Nigga got battered in 9/10 rounds za kwanza. Robbery.

I was also rooting for GGG. Canelo was clearly outboxed but he was very entertaining

Canelo had more power shots towards the end. Actually, it seems he wanted to take it on a KO.

But it was a great fight. I noticed triple G was afraid of landing hard body shots as his norm with the fear of coming head to head with a severe uppercut kama ile Mwala aliweka @Meria Mata