Tribeka Noma!

Any talker in Tribeka apate mbili au zaidi kwa bili yangu? Leo ni East Africa mix, kisha baadaye naelekea Rumourz for Reggae night…picha natuma kesho when am sober

Rumourz iko wapi?

Kesho tunaenda kazi.

Moi av pita makutano ya Kenyatta uifwate Moi av bado…ukishuku waweza potea uliza soldier atakuelekeza

Nipo kazini kesho pia

Weka picha OR you are at home fantasizing about Mwisho ya mwezi ukilipwa!

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sio kila mtu husubiri mwisho wa mwezi ndo alewe

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Kiyana get a better camera…we cant tell whether ni mbele ama nyuma :confused:


The last time I had a whole night out I cant remember, I find drinking from three in the afternoon to arnd 9 or 10 PM on a sato my ideal cup of tea

Shida ni mwenye kupiga, sio camera.

You should try at 11:00 am especially wen its cold …everyone seems so serious its mad fun since your in ur own world

pia hiyo its quite good, kwanza people look at you like you are some directionless individual but deep down unajua u just want to have fan at that taboo hour and you have already finished your obligations

I mean being tipsy then …necessarily pple dnt have to know

beeing seen with a drink at 11 am, not necessarily rowdy

Yeah for a guy no problem …a girl unless your indoors or a private function

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we agree that you are a drunkard

Kubali unazeeka. I also find it hard to stay in a club hadi midnight but I only do so when I am watching UCL matches.

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Any match coming past midnight wacha ijione unless ni final ya World cup.The rest am content watching replays the following day.

nilikuwa chakari