Tribalism in Kenya

Why do us Kenyans feel the need to affiliate ourselves SO much to our tribes? Cultural heritage/appreciation is wonderful but it becomes hugely problematic when it starts to seep into our businesses, relationships etc and the biggest one right now…POLITICS.

Living in the diaspora for a while, I meet so many Kenyans from all corners and everyone gets along so/relatively well regardless of tribe. And so when I visit home…I almost feel like a ka tourist because I feel inundated with tribal this…tribal that…and it becomes nauseating and suffocating.

Let me say, exposure and having the capacity to reevaluating one’s assumptions/bias is VERY important. Learning to see humanity beyond the language we speak, the region we hail from is paramount if we are to become united as one country, one people. When the US embassy and Westgate attacks happened…you see how people come together to help out, no matter what tribe one was from. Folks need to really sit down and think about the toxicity that festers within us every time we look down upon someone because of their tribe.

Participating in boycotts will not get rid of tribalism. Voting along tribal lines will not get rid of tribalism. Kenyan politicians use this as a weapon for “divide and conquer” to get their vote so that they can line their pockets and we seem to always fall for it over and over again. Yet, it is only the common mwanainchi choking on tear gas in the streets, getting their shops looted and destroyed or even loosing their precious lives. Screw this Tialala maneno or Muthamaki nonsense. Being ignorant or incognisant of how perpetuating tribalism (and consequently corruption) within our families, businesses, friendships and political affiliations WILL bring us ALL to our knees. Start these conversations at home…ask these hard questions.

Our country’s founders pinpointed POVERTY, IGNORANCE and DISEASE as issues to eliminate in order to achieve this nation’s great potential. We have barely hacked away at these from the 1960s and people are thinking of Kenya as being an African superpower by 2030. Ha!

And now you feel superior because you dont live here. BURE KABISA. OSHA WANYANYE POLEPOLE BILA KUJISUMBUA NA SHIDA ZETU IDIOT…

Just as a brief ,on these streets the most educated are the most tribalists. Watch and you will learn.

but naskia pale Trumpistan Minnesota ukiingia tao kila mtu anaongea kiKisii ?

So you think because I’ve worked hard and toiled and found opportunities…then I become the problem? Brother…look in the mirror. I am not the enemy. “Shida zetu” ni shida zangu pia. Your energy being spent lashing out at me…ati idiot. Ati osha wanyanye…that’s the ignorant mindset I’m talking about. What have you accomplished by that? Wake up!

So if you are less educated you are less of a tribalist? Education has no correlation with being a tribalist. Tribalists come from all sorts of backgrounds: rich, poor, educated, dropouts, having power/no power…whatever you can think of…its about addressing and challenging the culture we were brought up in and assessing how our everyday interactions fosters tribal hate. E.g… Why do we think tribe X are thieves…or tribe Y are dirty…or tribe Z are lazy…these questions will find no merit in the answers one can think of…and having those discussions is what I think is key step forward.

I know your message is .What my point is ; you might think that the most educated kenyans are the most liberals ,tolerant and accept other community since they are educated and have goals better than tribalism, BUT they are the contrast. infact you might find people living in Kibera or Mukuru wa Njenga being more tolerant to each other than lecturers in the universities. Iv been there , worked there and seen it.

Now since you are new here let me give you someone you need to watch out for ; watch someone called nattydread. Read his comments ,see how he posts pictures of a turkana guy sharpening his knife ready to circumcise any Luo man.At one point he posted a picture of a luo man being circumcised. Mark you he is one of the most educated fools here(a fellow if im not wrong). Alongside watch the people who give him likes for any tribal spew he regurgitates.

Mse akiongea kikisii ama kimeru…hiyo sio kuwa tribalist. Si ni culture ya msee?Nafikiri ni muhimu kudifferentiate hiyo situation na kitu kaa ya ukideny mse job na ako qualified lakini we ni mkikuyu na yeye ni mkalenjin…alafu ulete mse mwingine mkikuyu…upoteze pesa juu ya hajui job. Ameaccomplish nini? Sufuri! Ata sio sufuri…ni -10000000000000.

don’t pay attention to promiscuous personas

Christ! I’d rather not look at that…some folks are beyond help but if I can get an opposing conversation going to take folks away from that kind rhetoric; that’ll be a good start because that is massively discouraging.
Kenyans wear the Kenyan flag on our wrist…most do it as a fashion statement…and that’s ok. But it’s not a Luo, wristband or Teso, or Kisii…it’s a KENYAN flag. If only people would also start thinking of themselves as Kenyan as opposed to tribe A, B or C.

But thanks for the heads up. :fist:

Here is the thing, the issue of naming your kid Patrick Omollo, or Patrick Kangethe or some other names creates prejudices even before you get to know if someone can deliver. the kenya we have now there is no way i can go to Keroche Industry with my name as Omollo and i get hired if there is equally qualified kikuyu guy .On the other hand what if i chose to be called a name like Patrick Anderson? they wont know my tribe and my chances to be hired in that company will be high. Most kenyan parents now are naming their kids a neutral name that wont say what tribe they are from . One of my friends named the daughter Phyllis Blessings and the son Peter Baraka yet they are luos. Wameona mbele and are trying to increase the chances for survival for their children. Anyway let me let others say their part

Educated? Nah. That fool was deported from the US and found his way to the Netherlands. He is in early 60s and has a daughter that lives in the Netherlands that sells her wares on the internet.

He is a mbilikimo. There are pics of him on the net when UhuRuto were attending their trials at The Hague and he was there to cheer them on. If you ever doubt his vile nature venture to dig up the archives. Or go to and mention his name and you’ll get all the feedback you need.

Tibim, tialala muthamaki


Monologue detected.

Most tribal bigotists are educated. The PHD holders and Masters, the supposed elitist members of society. Truth be told

You said it all. Can’t add any more

Wow. Do you know that there is a thread where he mentions that he was at the Hague trials. That got me thinking then. I could tell that he was is older gentleman. But his obsolete English (victorian) terminology placed him more from the English isles that Trumps land.

Joso Christo, ati 60ssss, AM OUT, Bangs the Door, walks out whistling in total disbelief…

@Nattydread kuna watu wanakuogopa hapa…they are speaking in small groups and harshed tones and whispers!