Trezzell West borrowed $5k from a lady 'friend' :Like I always say Men who borrow money from women are dangerous

What do I tell you about these brokeass men? I am yet to see one success story where the woman lends the man money, houses him, feeds him, screws him and has his kids for free. Of course I am praying that our Admins relationship will be the first one I know of that does end in premium tears once her wife becomes a success and leaves his husband to be a single mom which is what I see happening to all and I mean all women who help men.

So here’s the thing, Trezzell West the dad in the missing toddlers saga befriended a wealthy woman and pretended to be having alot in common with her. It’s called mirroring. So he lies to her that he’s organic and he and his wife drink alot and use meth. As it always goes in these stories of these broke ass men, he ended up borrowing 5k dollars from her. What do you know? . A man with no job becomes BFF with a wealthy single woman, a loan borrowed always is near. This nigga sells beats for a living. Oh and he fosters and adopts kids to get money from the government. He even discusses pizza gate and other conspiracy theories about kids with his rich female BFF.

Ladies, never be best friends with a married man. Never be friends with any man who you have no idea what he does for a living. Never be friends with a man who has 6 kids whether he is single or married, if you yourself have no kids, leave men with children alone, unless their kids are grown. Even if you jump through hoops for his kids those kids will always resent you OK?

I don’t know why women have this Messiah complex especially when they have money and are single. You can’t buy love and friendship. I have adopted some orphans but they know that I am not an ATM machine and they have to make their own way. I help them get jobs, learn how to drive and I don’t loan them money, I give them money I don’t expect back for serious emergencies only. This world is full of nutcases looking to take advantage of lonely women with big hearts. For your own good you must force yourself to be mean otherwise you will attract horrible people.

For now we in the true crime community believe that Mr. Trazell and his wife sold these toddlers on the black market for their organs or to a pedophile ring to get money to buy a new house and they paid cash they could not account for where it came from. Can you imagine being BFFs with a man who can use children to get money? This kind hearted lady is now in deep distress bcz she was close friends with this monster who God only knows what he has done to those children. The children were so skinny when their biological mom last saw them and they reported that these kids were missing after the biological mom insisted that she wanted to talk to her kids. So evil. The moment a man is broke and he doesn’t want to work just know crime is the next stop over. He can even sell you for money. It’s what pimps do. Always be wart of any man looking for an easy way out and who doesn’t want to work and is looking for wealthy women to be friends with. There’s a breed of men who feel like women are their work mules and having a penis automatically gives you an easy ride on the back of women.

I have said it here b4 that any man borrowing you as a woman even if it’s 500 Bob should be blocked immediately with no explanation.

WOMEN are the reason men are so lazy and entitled nowadays. They have spoilt these men from mama’s boys to being criminals. Ladies let’s not be part of the problem by enabling these lazy men. Let a man go out there and look for money like other men.

Don’t be another Tecra, another Koki, another Keitany. You work for your money, you did not get it for free and even if it is your parents money like Tecra they worked hard for it and were doing it for you to climb the social economic ladder not so that you could date and marry bums who pretend to adore you so that they can take advantage of your parents wealth. No man will date a woman beneath his class ever so I don’t know why women do it yet they have the most to lose…

In 2021 it’s time to style up and block any broke ass like your life depends on it because it really does. It’s time to get a serious allergy to any and all brokeasses. If you want to be philanthropic adopt a children’s home not a grown ass man living off women. Block them everywhere na utoroke life is too short for you to allow anyone to use you bcz they have a penis.