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It’s stupid to give a bunch of cheats freebies

We also fought for independence

If you couldn’t get hold of land at post independence then you are the problem and not the rest of us

Kila saa maumau …hawa wazee watakufa lini?

If it wasn’t for the brave MAUMAU where would Somali refugees be seeking asylum? The kaburu had to go for us to thrive. We were only 10 million in 1963 and today we’re 50 million. We are living longer than our ancestors and are more immune to the lies of the imperialists. We even allow Somalis to live among us.
Respect MAUMAU

No you did not. You tried to secede from this country.
If you were fighting for Independence, it was not for the Republic of Kenya.

The British gave most African countries independence from 1960 to 1964 …was that too due to the MauMau?

Mau mau tunawaheshimu sana lakini kijana mdogo sana wa 18 mwenye aliingia Maumau 1952 sasa ana miaka 85. Hao ndio wanaendesha hashtag campaign?

In Kenya, Yes.
Those given independence in the 1960s were all protectorates with no British settlers.
Kenya stands out as the first British settler colony that was given independence or in the case of South Africa, black majority rule.
Zambia was in the 70s, Zimbabwe in 1980 and South Africa was 1994(Black majority rule).
Had the Mau Mau not gone to war, the plans for the White Settlers to establish an exclusive White Highlands administered not by the Colonial Office in London but in Nairobi like what Ian Smith did in Rhodesia would have come to fruition.
Clearly you did your Social studies in Afmadow I presume. This is Grade 5 knowledge even for IGCSE

I respect Maumau. My grand patents were oathed upto their necks.
Inasmuch as the British were busy divesting from the colonies,the MAUMAU gave them the impetus to leave much earlier than planned. Though they ultimately had their way by ensuring that ‘hero’ became prime minister.

In case those running the hashtag get the money,what will they do with it noting that most Mau Mau war veterans are no more.

Who would give away virtual control of the land and its people? Do you have any idea how good the kaburu had it in 1953 in Kenya? They could whip, kick, slap, punch and even shoot dead any Kenyan man woman or child they wanted. Any woman could be raped at their liking. There was no freedom of movement for anybody but kaburu.
And they just decided to give up Kenya out of their own benevolence? :D:D
How come their benevolence stopped there? How come they haven’t returned the billions of dollars worth of wealth belonging to Africans hidden in their capitals cities?

let’s give them 10 years old in 1952, which makes them 77yrs old. lakini, most mau mau were members of land buying companies.

Maumau gave their lives for the land. Almost all of them got nothing after independence. Infact, even the small pieces of land they got was almost taken away from them, case in point my own grandpa, he came from Manyani and akapata karibu akuwe squatter. FFWD to the 2000’s when Muite secured compensation from beberu, majority of those who got the money were toddlers when the war broke out. Veterans like my guka got nothing. That’s why real Maumau hawatabui Gitu Kahengeri. Meffi yeye.

i doubt any kipii went to the bush…and those days boys were cut at the age of 18 to 20 not like today when they are cut at 13 to 14. remember nobody would have given a kipii muma.

Kumbe tuko wengi…

had your grand pops enjoined himself as a litigant in the case?

Yes he had. He even had been called to record a statement at a place called kiamwangi. He told me a mzungu was the one taking the statement. How he was left out, I don’t know. A neighbor who was a kid during majeneti was compensated to a tune of 300k.
He passed on last year at 102. However, there was a new case being litigated by a law firm in Bruce house. He had registered and recorded his statement.

They should be given land period. Are there fake Mau Mau, yes. However government has machinery and people who can easily tell the real from the fake if they want to. We we could conduct 6 phases of IDP’s resettlement then there is no excuse for this. Considering after phase 3 of IDP resettlement Red Cross removed itself from the excise since from their list all had been compensated or resettled. The ones back at the camps where new there for economic gain.

Compensation for MauMau soldiers is a ship that sailed long ago, it is almost impossible now to tell who actually participated in the war effort, who died in the war and who deserves compensation, fuck Kenyatta for scuttling any effort to collect and proper accurate info of what went down, who participated and the theatresof war.

All we can do now is to honour those men and women by collecting as much info on the war as we can find, piece it all together, collect scour the land for anyartefacts that still exists, gather the literature that still exists like letters, reports, books, songs and whatever else then we can set up a museum to tell and showcase everything we could gather. Counties like Nyandarwa which was the central location of the war plus Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Nyeri, Muranga, Kiambu, Meru and Nakuru should fund this effort, they could create some kind of circuit to showcase the caves, the battlegrounds and earn some cash from the tourists visiting such sights.

Going forward, serious work needs to go into telling the stories of not just the MauMau but all Kenyans who stood against the colonialists oppression, from Koitalel arap Samoei to Mekatilili wa Menza, we need to celebrate courage and bravery.

That Maumau for for independence and won is a fallacy. Recovering possession of their land was central to the movement. Had they won, they’d have taken back their land. It’s undeniable that the uprising played a role that led to independence. But power was handed to a man who had immense resentment for maumau. The white settlers retained most of the land and we all know who owns the rest

How many Genuine Wazee are alive and fought for independence? Lets start from there

Watu wanunue mashamba waachane na sisi.

And I respect our freedom fighters by the way. GENUINE FREEDOM FIGHTERS

Am sure if you give land to the bunch of old fools then in about 2yrs utaona wengine wakisema pia wao walipigania uhuru and come up with fictional stories.