Treetop juice back

Eti hii sharubati imerejea baada ya miaka 25.(K24 biz news) Labda wengine hapa hawakuijua.

Mbisha ama kikombe ya hekaya ikuom.

Saw it the other day and I was like

[ATTACH=full]7187[/ATTACH] Wakumbuka hii?

It cant be as good as the oldskull one.


new skool version ndo hii

Tastes like crap. …its not the same product we grew up on!


Can’t match up to the original one.

It isn’t bad… Most of our tasting buds ve ceased functioning, its a long time since we last tasted the brand.

Still chemicals…We didn’t know better then now we have healthier options! Plus we grew up!


Trying to ride on the brand name, can not be anything even close to the original Treetop. Kenyans getting conned again.

WTF for, some things should just be let to rest. What if some car maker woke up and started production of the model T Ford?

Warudishe ile chupa ya kitambo.

Wish GM would get back to producing the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, I know I probably wouldn’t afford it… but its presence out there would keep my fetish alive.

Hii ni jokes…very funny

The original tasted like crap too.

I can’t even remember the taste.

tastes buds zisha kua altered… ata siwes kumbuka taste