Tree Removal and Transfer



Waste of time Kata kitu.

Trees are unambiguously important and this is important for ecology and other important points.
But sometimes it is really justified - to transplant a tree or to dig it up completely, because there may be an urgent need for this.
For example, if the tree is located in the place where communications or sewers are located, etc. And of course, if people need to get access to something, they can take such a step.
It seems to me that they would not do it just like that, without a reason.
Probably there is a justification and the necessary documents for this. And at the same time, they must necessarily plant new trees or ensure the normal transportation of these, so that they are planted in a new place.

It looks fascinating. It is tough to transplant such a vast tree without damaging it. I don’t even imply how much time they had to take to dig this tree out so perfectly. I contacted once. I asked them to transplant my orange tree without damage. And it took about four hours. That’s even with the fact that my tree was not yet ripe. It was about eight months old at the time. I wondered where they found a car to carry that kind of cargo. And how its construction can support that kind of weight.