Treated Badly

I don’t know why ladies in Kenya treat you badly when you are in the company of a White person. An investor from Canada had decided to invest in some of our projects in the company in exchange for some shares of the company. I being the sharp chap I was called upon to negotiate on behalf of the company. Since it was nearing lunch time we had to talk about it over lunch and Mr. Arnold (investor) chose some restaurant where we could have lunch and talk about it. I was given enough money to cater for the expenses. Basically I as a Kenyan wasn’t being treated well by the waitresses. I could make an order but then ahe would be like “aaai we ngoja…si umeingia saa hii tu”, when Mr. Arnold insisted for it to be hurried up, the waitresses were even humble to him " Coming sir, is there anything else I can get you?“, Nikijaribu kuitisha yangu naskia " Aaaii we ni nini si nimekuambia ungojee”. It was such a show of disrespect to me. The waitresses were rude to me. I think they had the idea that he would tip them heavily. But since I was the one calling the shots I gave her excess money and asked for change right away. You would have seen the reaction on their faces when they knew I was the one calling the shots.

Have you ever had any experiences of mistreatment when in presence of a foreignor probably a White??

si ni jana tu ulikuwa unastruggle kunegotiate slices kutoka kwa colleague. sasa ushakuwa investor negotiator.chieth

hehehehe brother, you are riding a flying horse on company money yet you need special treatment, learn to be humble and make ur own money ndo uharakishe waitress, wewe ulikua uko show bizz na pesa ya kambi, serves u right

:D:D:D:D:D fools and the short lived riches.

:D:D:D:D:D:eek::eek:. Wallahi n.v umenichekesha.

:D:D:D:D no chills

if you think that is bad kuja mombasa south coast uende izi hotel as a black person not allowed to swim kwa pool juu iko na wazungu

racism is happening here in our back yard :oops:

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D…huyu ni @Voltron

Didn’t I read a similar hekaya here a few days ago.
How coincidental for both of you to have similar experiences so soon after the other.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D only a @Useless Spectator would remember this

with the low tourist numbers bado hizo upus ziko? Tumia Airbnb na mtu akileta ujinga write the worst review you can think of

But why would I want to patronise such an establishment?

So unatembea na mzungu siku moja, on behalf of company money and already screaming “do you know who I am…” to poor waitresses

Happens sometimes, and measures how tolerant you are.

@Stinger hii kitu just smile, tip her ka fifte bob or 100 and move on with your life, you might change their perception with your kindness

Hehehe apana towanisha brathe hivo

hata mimi nakumbuka , multiple handles and short memories

Is this not the same guy that passed on someone’s hekaya as his own?

@Stinger Can you name the restaurant. Some of the traditional old world restaurants that cater to many white tourists have this behavior.

I believe you. Hakuna kitu poa kama kuwa mzungu in this world, everything moves for you. How were you dressed? As a black you must dress for the occasion if you want respect. Vaa suti, nyonga tai, rolex, the works…otherwise people will assume you’re the help.

If ni lazima iwe hivi then I will justify OP’s behaviour. Sigwes nyonga tai na suti just to please a waiter in this hot climate of ours. Lakini pia there are those with dress codes, as a guybwho doesn’t adhere to such I simply avoid them to avoid such shenanigans. Lakini pia Nimeenda hoteli kubwa kadhaa na rarely percentage ya Wazungu ilishinda ya Waafrika. Na hizi hoteli zote food huchukua time before iletwe na sio kama zile restaurants za tao tumezoea food kuletwa after 5 mins so maybe op was restless too