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Hi ktalkers,
Lets share those nice travel photos and architecture landscapes over here.
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I always give you due respect sir. I wasted my time one day asking you to just create a section for Documentaries . But wewe hapa unapayukapayuka unataka mapicha. What are your priorities ?
Let me tell a secret, the more the documentaries, the more the traffic because we will spend more time watching 1 hr + documentaries…kwa site yako. Just think about it

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GTC Nairobi from Museum Hill heading to Westlands.

Flying Kites Leadership Academy ,Njambini.
On the second photo Aberdare Ranges is in the background.


One Place ,Westlands .
August 2018

March 2019.


View from One Place facing GTC
March 2019

I took a trek through Eburu Forest with a group of friends on Saturday, 21 September 2019



Thanks a lot for this thread. Travelling is my hobby and I enjoy it immensely. I will post some photos here as soon as i get home. Can we also abide to posting photos taken with our own phones and cameras and not lifting photos from other sites please.

You havent gotten home yet ???