Talkers Hip HOP heads,


that whole Lp can’t even come close to this level of production and that is overlooking the fact that this ain ‘trap’ music less college park and people already on the next plug- Young rainbow coloured bitch niggas that apparently be killaz[ATTACH]128549[/ATTACH]

lyrics garbage …plant looking bitches but the beats and production give em a pass
We lost man …hiphop iko na chosen few class of xxl 2011 ndo the last crop naweza vouch for at least

Wow… I had the same attitude towards those typa tunes but they’re been played everywhere(forced down our throats) and for one weird reason or the other came to like them… Currently am jamming to LUv Is Rage 2 by Lil Uzi Vert… am ashamed but can"t help it.

Sorry i ain bumping that shit …din even download it…kung fu kenny cleansed my ears and hov blessed my mind sina time ya hii bs… it even took k. urging fans to listen to xxxtenshitison but still 2chainz and juicy J dropped better projects by far…

straigh A O

If the older generation of hiphop wants mature rap & the younger generation wants mumble rap that makes a fan base for both. Soooo wtf are we talking about lol?! Why cant there be both?!
Case study is that 4:44 Jay Z album, it went quiet real quick showing conscious rap isnt as big with the youth these days

No who said that? Please you sound like them kids who eat the plant propaganda…no way is this shit hot… plus Hovs album is a special case you can’t say the same about kendricks album …Uzi vert is literally ridding on one track(from last year) to sell an album…please this “mumble rap” of kina migos is dead…if you smelt it by now too bad…
Whats the industry is pushing is young hard killer turned rappers(rebels outcasts cieth) this is actual TRAP MUSIC by the way

damn tumektoka far… thats Jody from Lost boyz

Cuurently Number one on the Billboard 100 ni bodak yellow by Cardi B, based on streams and downloads… No song from 4:44 made to any global chart unless proven wrong. This shows mumble rap is globally accepted replacing old rap. I ain’t hating am a west coast fanatic and jam to old skool hiphop but oflate the beat… the key to get people jamming

Thats the original(i thinks it like 2+ yrs old…now you get the meaning of Gas and plant artists… get the streams and all that but like the way Will smith ended up winning over pac in the end pacs music still lives and will ain never gone reach his level of God like reverence …

Thats why she paid tribute by calling the song Bodak Yellow, Color switch and the letter K. The title is a play on “Kodak Black,” as Bodak references the B in Cardi B, and she is “yellow,” while Kodak Black is black

Yeah believe dat thats why kodak did his own remix recently …it wasnt the salt…you know that kodak said that he himself din feel that bitch at first and ati now he does(lies)…bitch took his shit and is running with it…any other hit of such calibre? nope…these are gased up artists…and the 4:44 thing is like TPAB how many acted like it was not acceptable then yet it was the most discussed kendrick album on any forum about hiphop…same with this the shit hov tacled in the short Lp is mind blowing errday i bump a track and here some gem of knowledge…That is art in music…when you get exposed and stop acting like an edgy teen


But once againyou may not understand mumble rap and it may hurt you for the sake of the art but lets be happy a young black man is doing good legally

Please don mis use statements go check the cut uzi vert got for xo and utaget what am telling you…this shit is a circuss…cardi b after the media shine atashuka like a normal bish on the street…like it is a hustle my friend and the real ain sweating and are flexxing twice as hard in the long run…am not against new artists its just if you gone through the hypes from the days of roscoe dash and before that soulja boy you can see what sticks and passes by

Goes to show competition is stiff, been at the top ain’t guaranteed. And c’mon dont say uzi has a hit from last year… Listen to his latest mixtape, good songs, beats and a lil pinch of message

No i won’t honestly …there are way better artists i can isten before i touch his shit…plus that dress code violation
…nah frank ocean is the only nigga am gone bump will fucking a bitch!! EVER!! witgh some regrets but that is the only pass am giving …all these sus artists zii!!


Hehehehe hiphop was my genre bumpin to every beat and words bt now days I’m jus picky waitin for this year BET hiphop award wanna see wat snoop sayin abt all this crap…

gimme migos anyday, i dont think they mumble except for take off bt plus it’s their style; music is an art, art is supposed to be well, artistic. It all boils down to taste really i.e i can’t listen to Kendrick yet some pple label him the GOAT from his generation. All i’m saying is give credit where credit is due, you just don’t get ur album certified platinum for flapping ur tongue. yeah that way--------->

If you knew how wrong you are…willenium hit platinum…and so many shit albums do…sales is part of marketing like the case of Magna carter holy grail sold 1mill apparently on it first week …even i can i say was part of that first milli copped a samsung with the free download…Albums can can be judged only by time…e.g people hated on Relapse by Em anmd even some luv it and hate refill but if you look at his collection you find that it fits into the catalog like a glove…

I don’t get your point at all if my guess is correct your rating artists/albums on the basis of their longetivity. which is unreasonable granted there are a few exceptions but many artists do not withstand the test of time especially in this era e.g ur hot today tomorrow nobody likes you but that doesn’t take away the fact that you produced a great album.

If you argued am valueing thought piece albums over less creative pieces maybe but you claim that ati no song beats the test of the of time …hebu tell if these tracks sound like trash even today…

fuck it even such shit has more value than most of the last 3 yrs of “hiphop” bubblegum

yes feel old and appreciate once a time where it wasn’t drugged up bitches acting like they hard and ma adlibs kibeo;list=PL6ZGFvix5o-S3X9u-Frydh2dpWrkDBKXx

I said with an exception of some. There are songs which transcend time and will never get old. But one thing for sure the list is different for every man. I insist for me culture is a great album and it will always be even if nxt year im not into migos.