Transport - Scania Nairobi Mombasa or 33 seater Nairobi

Between a 33 seater in Nairobi routes and a Scania Nairobi Mombasa, which investment is has large profit margin?

Hii swali yako haina direction but for a start unajua bei ya scania na ya 33 seater ?

4.6 vs 13, hii jamaa haijielewi

What if he wants to choose being employed as a driver?:D:D:D

Scania itategemea na company then ma3 the Sacco
But I’d suggest ukuje na supermetro mbili @6.2 each
They’ve the best managed and your money is guaranteed - I guess 10k daily

My problem is not the start up capital but the profit margin … 3 33 seater Nairobi vs 1 Scania Nairobi Mombasa

Thanks @Bonnified. ill confirm how much a day with supermetro


Huna pesa, hujielewi. Its practically impossible to operate on A109 with 1 bus. Lazima uwe na booking office both sides, uwe na employees wa booking office apart from bus crew. Hujui unaitaji Scania gani, hujui bei, hujui bei ya 33 seater.

That’s now how to look at an investment. You know how much a day, but do you know how much it will cost you to get that 10k? Do you know what it will take to keep that vehicle on the road to be able to get you that amount?

Resd somewhere that 2Nk SACCO wana good returns.